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 1987 [VINYL] -
Kód: 36383036


Dodanie trvá 9 týždňov.
Kuriér zadarmo

Dátum vydania: 22.9.2017
Žáner: ROCK
EAN: 5031802052725 (info)
Label: VIPER
Obsahuje nosičov: 1

Popis - 1987 [VINYL]:
A sensational collection released to celebrate the 30th anniversary of The La's pivotal year, 1987. Featured on this album are the legendary tapes from the Flying Picket (the Trade Union Centre venue), recorded on Pete Townsend's old mixing desk, plus recordings made in Echo & The Bunnymen's studio. Also featured are outtakes from the Stables rehearsals and live rarities. This album reveals that 1987 was a fresh and fertile year.

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