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Dátum vydania: 10.12.2021
Žáner: Folk
EAN: 0888174202426 (info)
Label: Jesse Terry
Obsahuje nosičov: 1
Nosič: CD

V ponuke: 2 dodávatelia, od 28.44 €

Dear Ones, The path to this album began long ago. I don’t know when, but I know when it became a pearl to me – something uncomfortable but beautiful. That was shortly after my son was born. I felt blessed to be his earthly mother, but also knew there had to be more… I realized the limitation of identifying myself as “Aaron’s mother.” That was about him, and I wanted to identify with Myself, not my relationship to someone else, no matter how loved he was and is. Who am I without my son? Who am I, myself? Who am I under all the roles I take on? And how can I express that in everything I say and do? So began my remembering of truth. It has lead me to Metaphysics as a philosophy, a spiritual path, and a way of life. It has lead me to ministerial training and will lead to ordination. It has lead to this album – songs offered in the Spirit of Truth. True for everyone, even if you don’t realize it yet! “For all I know, I know nothing if I cannot demonstrate a better life.” –Dr. Paul Leon Masters, Founder, International Metaphysical Ministry Demonstrating a better personal life is my purpose right now. And because we’re all connected, that extends to you. I’ll show you, in song and meditation, what works for me. And you’re welcome to take what you need and leave the rest! My intention is that you realize there’s already a divine spark within you. When you do, I rejoyce with you; until then I know this Truth for you and all is well. Introducing the Peace Weaving Cast – in ABC order because we’re all so great Aaron Kennedy: My son, who taught me that God is Love and Love is all there is. Also inspired the album artwork. I love you always and respect your path! Charlie Hind of Hind Musical Instruments: Creator of rhythm rocks. Handmade, smooth and beautiful, lending their distinctive shake to the party. Crystal L. Howe (me): Vessel of music, singing and songwriting, having fun arranging, playing, recording, mixing, and weaving all kinds of things on and off-loom. I may not have physical sight, but often that's a good thing! David Miles: Thanks for sharing your recording of natural ocean waves in the U.K! Lady (Flea ukulele): Pineapple sort of, shaped a little like a lute, strung with a low G, lending a unique bell-like tone. Thanks to Flea Market Music for this quality instrument! Lisa Fairman of Earth Rhythms LLC: Lending her energy and wisdom, helping me choose just the right hand percussion to include. Thanks Lisa! Sue Hain of Rovin Hollow Kennel: What can I say? Always enthusiastic, keeping on me about getting this out there, I’m truly grateful for all your love and support! Unity of Reading: Spiritual community where I am served as I serve! I love you all and the potluck’s good too! You: Thank you for being who you are, where you are right now! You are blessed, you are loved, you are valuable and valued! Instrumentation and Lyrics All lyrics, music and production by Crystal L. Howe Track 1. Allow Lady (rhythm and bass), rhythm ring, tic toc drum 1. Blessed am I in the silence; Blessed am I in a crowd. Blessed am I in every way, As blessed as I allow. 2. Loved am I in the silence; Loved am I in a crowd. Loved am I in every way, As loved as I allow. 3. Great am I in the silence; Great am I in a crowd. Great am I in every way, As great as I allow. 4. I receive in the silence; I receive in a crowd. I receive my greatest good, As much as I allow. Track 2. Remember (The Loa Song) Lady Refrain: Remember to remember The greatness in you Remember to remember Your nature of truth Remember to remember To radiate love Remember to remember As below, so above. 1. My thoughts are all one with the in and outside; I think what is good and create my desire. Refrain: 2. My feelings are one with the low and the high; I feel what is good and create peace inside. Refrain: 3. My body is one with the Earth and the Sky; I see what is good and give thanks for this life. Refrain: As below, so above. Track 3. Imagine Lady, recorder, güiro, rhythm rock 1. Just imagine What you can do in life. Just imagine How you can feel inspired. Just imagine The greatest you can be. What you ask for, In faith, you now receive. 2. I imagine What I can do in life. I imagine How I can feel inspired. I imagine The greatest I can be. What I ask for, In faith, I now receive. Repeat from beginning. Track 4. Power of Creation Lady 1. You are the power of creation You are the power of manifestation You are the power of demonstration; Ask and you shall receive All that you can conceive! 2. You are the power of conception You are the power of reflection You are the power of perfection; Ask and you shall receive All that you can conceive! 3. You are the power of inspiration You are the power of contemplation You are the power of celebration; Ask and you shall receive All that you can conceive! You are the power of creation; Ask and you shall receive All that you can conceive and believe! Ask and you shall receive! Track 5. The Journey Lady, frog rasp 1. I’ve climbed mountains; slid back down Seen the summit and the town I’ve climbed mountains cold and high But all I needed was deep inside 2. I’ve crossed deserts; been so scared Fighting wind yet needing air I’ve crossed deserts lonely, dry But all I needed was deep inside 3. I’ve seen valleys; cursed the rain Loved their beauty after pain I’ve seen valleys; taken pride But all I needed was deep inside. Oh how I prayed and ran the race But didn’t seek the quiet place So when I did I realized That all I needed was deep inside. All I needed was deep inside. All I needed was deep inside. Track 6. I am Love Lady 1. I am love. I am peace. I am renewal. I am release. 2. I am strength. I am power. I am wisdom. I am desire. 3. I am hope. I am faith. I am joy. I am thanks. 4. I am thought. I am will. I am order. And I am zeal. I am compassion, Forgiveness, Understanding, And trust. And I am life. I am love.. (6x total). Track 7. Money Tree Lady, zills, rhythm ring 1. Do I have a money tree at my back door? Nope, it’s better than that, ’cause I’m connected to the source. I give thanks for the complete fulfillment of each precious thing ‘Cause Spirit creates every form. 2. The Source of all is good and very good. It creates everything that I could ever choose. I give thanks for the complete fulfillment of each precious thing, ‘Cause Spirit freely gives in loving truth. 3. I am worthy and deserve all I need. I am worthy and deserve to live so abundantly. I give thanks for the complete fulfillment of each precious thing, ‘Cause Spirit creates it now through me. 4. I have asked, I believe and I receive. I bless everything and I love the truth of what is done through me. I have blessings of such grace, and I give in joyous praise ‘Cause Spirit flows within and through me. Repeat 1. Track 8. The Good Place Natural ocean waves There is a place where the light is so bright but where no one’s eyes hurt where no one cringes where no one turns away There is a place where the peace is so deep that not a ripple disturbs it except the ripple of joy the ripple of laughter the ripple of love the ripple of life abundant There is a place where only good lives it comes to stay it flows it is given and received all at once There is a place where posession is no object where everyone has everything and everyone owns nothing because ownership is not needed everything is Spirit so why would we, and how could we own it? Yet how could we not? There is a place where good is always good enough and now I choose to live in that place forevermore! Come in with me, you are so welcome, here in the good place! Track 9. Feel Prosperity Lady, recorder 1. Let me feel prosperity in all its shapes and forms! Let me share great joy and peace as I’m creating more! 2. Let me feel abundance free sustaining everyone! Let me share community and knowing it is done! 3. Let me feel ability to give all that I please! Let me share humility As Spirit flows through me! Repeat 1. Track 10. Gratitude Harp 1. I feel gratitude For my life in God the good. (2x) 2. I appreciate Being one with all there is. (2x) 3. In my growing truth, I love others as they are. (2x) 4. I sing joyfully And I offer thanks and praise. (2x) Repeat 1. Track 11. Light Harp 1. The Christ in me lights up the world As peace and love are now unfurled. I give and through it I receive The greatest gift of Christ in me. 2. I see the Christ in others shine, Lit from within by God divine. And as each candle lends its light, In harmony we all unite. 3. So like a baby love is born Where there was not a light before. And in the light, the darkness fades. Now comes the dawning of the day. 4. And so it is in every life- Each one can choose to be the light, To hold a candle high above, And share with all your gift of love. Your Rights to this Music To expand the reach of metaphysical music, you have permission to use these songs in any live setting. Feel free to play these recordings or perform them by yourself or with other musicians wherever they will add positive energy. If you're interested in recording them, please ask! I won't say no 'because they're mine!' Together we'll create an agreement that serves everyone involved. Thank you for this opportunity to be of service! Many blessings! Crystal

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