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Kód: 38584675


Dodanie trvá 11 týždňov.
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Dátum vydania: 24.9.2021
EAN: 5411867334750 (info)
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Historic Belgian prog-fusion outfit of the early 1970s. Arkham played eclectic jazz and rock mixtures in the 'Canterbury' vein, inspired by Soft Machine and Egg. Never released before on LP, the recordings reproduced on this album come from magnetic tapes of some of Arkham's concerts and rehearsals, recorded at various times. Featuring keyboard player Jean-Luc Manderlier who would later join Magma, drummer Daniel Denis who would also move on to Magma as well as Univers Zéro, and drummer Patrick Cogneaux. Arkham aren't nearly as dark as Magma or Univers Zéro, their jazzy overtones placing them a little closer to Soft Machine. The three musicians, who show some
maturity, are obviously pouring their hearts out through
out the album, which exudes an intensity that can't be ignored.
1. Exhibition 47 - Penelope (Recorded 1971, Brussels)
2. Upstairs In The Granary (Recorded July 4th, 1971 at M.J.C., Feluy)
3. Eve's Eventful Day Part III (Recorded 1971, Brussels)
4. Eve's Eventful Day Part IV & V (Recorded 1971, Brussels)
5. Eve's Eventful Day Part VI (Recorded July 4th, 1971 at M.J.C., Feluy)
6. Tight Trousers Intro (Recorded April 28th, 1972 at M.J.C., Verviers)
1. Bleriot Visibility Poor (Recorded during 1971, Brussels)
2. Brussels Shortly After (Recorded November, 1970 at 'The Recreation', Brussels)
3. Brussels Shortly After Part II (Recorded 1971, Brussels)
4. Riff 14 (Recorded April 28th, 1972 at M.J.C., Verviers)

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