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Kód: 36883904


Odošleme do 14 dní.

Žáner: Reggae
EAN: 0888295040617 (info)
Label: Vozegata
Obsahuje nosičov: 1
Nosič: CD

I appreciate music with sincerity, honesty and creativity. I love music that has heartfelt, interesting and challenging lyrics. I love music with dynamic rhythms, and beautiful musicianship. I love music that comes from life experience. I love music that is powerful, timeless and lasting. I love Paul Simon and Bob Dylan, the Beatles and Jimi Hendrix. I love my family and my friends, and my beautiful wife and daughter. I appreciate that our struggles, our hopes and our dreams are not unique to us. They are universal. Everyone struggles, and everyone dreams, for if we did not, what would be the value of our days? I have taken all that I love, all that I hope and all that I dream, and I have put it into these songs. I hope you find something in them that resonates with you, and I thank you for sharing your time with me.

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