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Žáner: Pop
EAN: 0885767637313 (info)
Label: Fancy Two-Tone Recor
Obsahuje nosičov: 1
Nosič: CD

V ponuke: 2 dodávatelia, od 17.74 €

Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury. Lend me your ears... Wow, Wow, Wow!!!! The follow up to GARY RITCHIE’s highly acclaimed “Pop! Radio” is finally here. “Hum, Sing…Repeat” is a collection of 18 brand spankin’ new Powerpop tunes. Infectious as all get out. Talk about a Hip Shaking, Knee Knocking, Head Boppin’ goodtime…..This is it!! 60's A.M radio lives!! Not to mention, that this is a totally GREAT PRICE for 18 Powerpop/Rockin' tunes. This record fought him tooth and nail. It tested his willingness to finish it. But, finish it he did. Recorded in Wimberley, Texas at his Ruckus Recording Studio. The most “Ruckus” Wimberley has heard in years! This is Big Beat fun at it’s finest. 12 string guitars, Harmonies everywhere, Rockin’ drums, Melodies that will stick with you well into your sleep. You’ll wake up…Humming, Singing….and Repeating!!! The youthful exuberance is enough to make you young again….or at least FEEL young again. This is a highly personal record for Gary. When you hear this in glorious stereo and cranked up, you’ll understand his love for this record. Also, it comes with a 6 page color booklet full of pictures and tons of “Thank You’s” and notes on all of the songs. It’s as fun to look at as it is to listen to. Sort of like the old days when we would stare at the big album cover while listening to our new favorite record (You remember those big 33 r.p.m. black things?). Talk about a 'Summer' record. This music wants you to have the wind in your hair. Put the top down and stomp on the pedal. And, oh yeah...turn it up to 11. Tell a friend about it. Don't have any friends? Give someone a copy of HUM, SING...REPEAT! You'll have a friend for life!! Enjoy, Enjoy....Enjoy! At a running time of 57:40, there is plenty to LOVE. So, leave room in your 'Top 10' favorite cd's of the year. This will be way up there. So, hop on the POP Train!! 18 fun stops along the way. EVERYONE HAS A DIFFERENT EAR! Here is what some reviewers and friends compare the sounds of GARY RITCHIE to; Nick Lowe, Raspberries, Beatles, Graham Parker, Tom Petty, Elvis Costello, Traveling Wilburys, Matthew Sweet, Badfinger, The Wonders, Roy Orbison, Rembrandts, The Beach Boys, Gin Blossoms, Romantics, Peter Noone, The Knack, Smithereens, Big Star, Weezer, Velvet Crush, Flamin' Groovies, Teenage Fanclub, Records, Monkees, Brendan Benson, Partridge Family (ouch), Cheap Trick, Byrds, The Thorns, Rockpile, T-Rex meets Help!, Del Amitri, Fountains Of Wayne, Marshall be continued. Like I said, 'Everyone's got a different ear'. So, Where are YOUR ears? Power pop fans have been waiting for the new GARY RITCHIE cd to come out for years! People flipped over his first one 'POP RADIO' (Still available in this catalog) ....well guess what?? This one is even better! What an amazing cd. It sounds like a 60's blend of THE BEATLES, DAVE CLARK 5, THE HOLLIES, FREDDIE AND THE DREAMERS, HERMAN'S HERMITS, THE SEARCHERS, and more!!! The songs are super killer diller and catchy as can be!!! (Kind of like the SPONGETONES classic BEAT and TORN!) So if you dig that 60's sound...jump all over this one now!!!Songs like 'PRETTY LITTLE GINA' are sure fire hits...blending Bobby Fuller and Elvis Costello into one amazing sound. ..and it's amazing how good these songs are! For double full value, this disc contains 18 short, snappy, catchy blasts of pure power pop British invasion! GRADE A ...all the way baby! Come and get it. JEREMY MORRIS, Jam Recordings Gary Ritchie “Hum, Sing And Repeat!” (Fancy Two-Tone Records) If you ask me, there’s nothing more pleasurable than a platter full of pure pop songs, and that’s exactly what Gary Ritchie’s most recent effort offers. On the inside jacket of “Hum, Sing And Repeat!,” Gary notes the inspiration behind each tune, listing performers such as the Everly Brothers, the Dave Clark Five, the Kinks, the Byrds, Nick Lowe, Tom Petty and Pezband cropping up as regular muses. Now there’s some mighty cool influences! But rather than simply imitate his heroes and rehash riffs, Gary implements enough of his own crafty ideas into the scenario, resulting in a set of totally fresh sounds. Brimming to the rooftops with chiming guitars, shiny vocals, spinning chord changes and incisive hooks, “Hum, Sing And Repeat!” spools out one gripping song after another. Short, snappy and to the point is the manner in which Gary operates. A happy mood guides the record, with every cut screaming fun, fun, fun. There’s no mellow moments here, as the songs bob and weave with activity. From the aptly christened festive figures of “At The Party” to the country dusted romp of “Fancy Two-Tone Car” to the stabbing pop power of “Blame It On Me” to the stirring sixties British Invasion motions of “Because Because,” the disc plays like a hit parade of the heyday of AM radio. As the title of record announces, you certainly will hum, sing and repeat these spunky songs! Cheers!! BEVERLY PATERSON (Twist & Shake Record Reviews) PRODUCED BY; Gary Ritchie PLAYERS; Gary Ritchie: Ludwig Drums, Tokai '56 Strat, Guild Jumbo Acoustic, Danelectro 12 String, Casio Keys, Vocals Jeff King: Fender P- Bass, Fender Strat, Gibson Les Paul Harry Meatles: Good Mood Inducer, Tea Maker, Danelectro 'Longhorn' Bass, Clappity Claps, Foot Stomps RECORDED @ Peckerwood Studios, Chicago Il. & Ruckus Recording, Wimberley, Texas MIXED @ Peckerwood 2 Studios, Austin, Texas MIXED BY: Gary Ritchie & Jeff King MASTERED BY: Trevor Sadler @ Mastermind Prod., Charlotte, North Carolina Here's a little background on Gary.... IN THE BEGINNING... GARY RITCHIE a lifelong CHICAGOAN (nw side) until recently (more on that later) thought he was going to be the next shortstop for the CHICAGO CUBS, until one night some kids on T.V. were singing YEAH! YEAH! YEAH! Then came the DAVE CLARK 5, The ANIMALS, KINKS, Gerry & the PACEMAKERS, HERMAN's HERMITS, and many more. He was in! The next thing he knew was that his younger brother got a guitar, formed a band and was playing at the movie theater BETWEEN movies. People applauded and there were um...GIRLS acting friendly! He thought, in the words of JOHN LENNON, 'THAT seems like a good job'. The next thing he know's is that his brother is asking him to audition for his band THE PARAMODS. Well, he didn't even own a set of drums, but, he could try-out on the other drummers drums! The first thing they ask him to play is WIPEOUT! He couldn't play WIPEOUT. So needless to say, he failed the audition. But, that really got him interested in playing. So during the great SNOWSTORM of '67 his dad drove down to the southside of CHICAGO to get his first set of drums. Oh, by the way, Gary's brother Greg has still never said a word about the failed audition! Gary went on to play in many bands, toured, recorded and just had a good 'ol time. And he has his younger brother to thank for getting him started. Oh, and of course those four MOPTOP guys too!! That leads us up to the NOW! Gary was sitting around one day preparing to record one song from every 'BEATLE' album, just for the fun of it. His friend from a former band (LOOSE LIPS) called and asked what he was up to? His buddy JEFF KING, wanted to be part of it. So they went on and recorded 'Beat The Meatles'. They ended up recording 22 songs for the album. It was so much fun they decided to do it again, this time doing ORIGINAL material. So 'POP! RADIO' was born, as was 'HUM, SING...REPEAT! These records were made in the UPBEAT spirit of FUN! FUN! FUN! Oh, by the way. If you ever see a copy of 'Beat The Meatles'...GRAB IT!! It's Goooooooood. Gary & Jeff hope you enjoy 'HUM, SING...REPEAT!'&'POP! RADIO' as much as they do Gary is now living in AUSTIN, TEXAS as of 11-5-06. He went 'kicking & screaming', but is starting to get used to the change. Gary would like to thank everyone for purchasing 'HUM, SING...REPEAT!' & 'POP! RADIO'. Also: JEREMY MORRIS at BRUCE BODEEN at RAY GIANCHETTI at For their support. 'HUM, SING...REPEAT!' &' POP! RADIO' make for great gifts too!

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