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Kód: 32512740


Dodanie trvá 11 týždňov.
Kuriér zadarmo

Dátum vydania: 26.4.2011
Žáner: LOU
EAN: 4712765166315 (info)
Label: HI NOTE
Obsahuje nosičov: 1
Nosič: CD

In Jazz Awards, we invited Jane Monheit and Stacey, two of the most notable female vocalist, and gatheredClare Teal, British Jazz Award winner, Ranee Lee, winner of Juno Award for Vocal Jazz Album of theYear in 2010, Maureen McGovern, winner of the 45th Academy Award for Best Original Song for the themesong of The Poseidon Adventure, The Morning After, Joe Coughlin, whose voice was as good as Nat KingCole and two time winner of National Jazz Award for Male Vocalist of the Year, and Jamie Colum, nominee ofGrammy Award, BRIT Award and Golden Globes Award. Song list includes the classic works by masterGershwin, Antonio Carlos Jobim, the godfather of Bossa Nova, Charles Trenet, the king of FrenchChanson, and Bill Evans, Cool Jazz master. The album also includes jazz covers of popular songs from TheBeatles, Cat Stevens and Joni Mitchell. Accompanied by such an impeccable group of singers, we candecorate the coming spring with romantic and dazzling colors.  

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