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Kód: 31781252


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Dátum vydania: 21.2.2014
Žáner: FUNK
EAN: 8437008843490 (info)
Obsahuje nosičov: 1
Nosič: CD

V ponuke: 4 dodávatelia, od 10.28 €

The Cherry Boppers began their music adventure in Santutxu (Bilbao) a working-class neighbourhood in Bilbao City on 2004. Their only purpose was to spread the jazz funk music and the old "black music" dance rythms in general. The band has been playing live all over the country and beyond, with two winter tours in Holland, festivals in France and Germany, The Cherry Boppers suit clubs and events of different styles (Vi?arock, San Sebasti?n Jazz Festival, Prime-time tv show Buenafuente, Imagina Funk Festival, Paradiso Amsterdam...) "Shakin'the Hood" was recorded at A-Lone Ark Muzik Studio (Cantabria, Spain) with the engineer/producer Roberto S?nchez. He is nowadays a stand out option in Spain for national and international jamaican music proyects and black music in general, taking part in recordings for Alpheus or Roberto himself as member or the band Lone Ark that recently played with Jimmy Cliff at the Rototom Festival 2011. The album is jazz funk from beginning to end but it is open to other "black sounds" that makes it a fresh, direct, communicative and versatile record. You will find reminiscences of soul, a hinch of psychodelia, blues and touches of acid jazz, all this packed with a rock attitude but above all, you will have loads of funk for the dance floor. All compositions are original songs from The Cherry Boppers except the tribute to the great Jimi Hendrix in "Crosstown Traffic" or the delicate soul song "Deep Down Inside" with lyrics and voice of Roberto S?nchez. Also remarkable, the rest of collaborations on the record, such as Maika Edjol? (The Sweet Vandals) with "Wild Imagination" or RdRumba, Acheset and ADN with "Humo en el Ambiente" With this new album, The Cherry Boppers intend to claim and spread "Black Music" and all the styles that refer to it, make it accessible for the general public as a vibrant, deep, vital and danceable music like no others.  

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