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Kód: 31706561


Odošleme do 10 dní.

Dátum vydania: 13.12.2012
Žáner: ROCK
EAN: 0700797100722 (info)
Obsahuje nosičov: 1
Nosič: CD

Popis - PAR CRONE:
The Luck of Eden Hall pillar Curveys space rock album, Par Crone, sees the light of day for its 15th anniversary. Recorded in Chicago, Par Crone is a tasty, crunchy time capsule nugget not only for 97, but for fans of The Luck of Eden Hall. Par Crones self-titled isnt a dry run for LOEH; its a complete platter birthed from Curveys brain and fingers that stands on its own, but is also a link in the LOEH chain. Where LOEH layers the psych frosting on the rock, Par Crone puts a little more weight on the rock, but the popped psychedelic rock and rollisms are still there. Curveys pop savvy is all over Par Crone, this time in a bit tougher, glossier exterior; a bit stadium rock, think a bit prime Cheap Tricky like guitar on stun and whole lot of riffs. Par Crone certainly sounds of its time with the crunch and the production, but the hooks are there and in true Curvey fashion, theyre sweet, rocking, free of cynicism and stick to your ribs. LOEH isnt disposable in their confections, and neither was Par Crone; the sugar intake, and exhaust, never reaches overdose either. Some of the synths and laser-beam flashes may lock Par Crone to its release date, but a little time travel goes a long way and 15 years later much of it sounds like a breath of fresh air. -Mr. Atavist, Sunrise Ocean Bender

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