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Kód: 31694694


Dodanie trvá 4 týždne.

Dátum vydania: 12.10.2012
Žáner: TRA
EAN: 8718522010774 (info)
Obsahuje nosičov: 1
Nosič: DVD

V ponuke: 3 dodávatelia, od 17.40 €

Popis - YEAR WITH:
Dokument, iba anglicky. “A GLIMPSE OF THE EVERY DAY LIFE OF DJ ARMIN VAN BUUREN”” An ordinary person, living an extraordinary life. Armin van Buuren, a superstar DJ, lives the life that most of us can only dream of. With a relentless passion for music, the born perfectionist strives to stay on top, dealing with the daily pressure that comes along with it. ‘A YEAR IN THE LIFE OF ARMIN VAN BUUREN’ gives you a closer look at the person behind the Dutch DJ. Taking 1 year out of his roaring life, and a special year it is… “ARMIN VAN BUUREN, IN PERSON” ”Crowds chanting his name. People taking pictures of him, everywhere. Always on the move, from one club to the next. Days spent in airplanes, all for a few hours of doing what he does best: pleasing the crowd. If it wasn’t for the love of music, Armin van Buuren wouldn’t be where he is today. Four-time winner of the #1 spot in the DJ Mag Top 100 and knighted by the Queen of his home country The Netherlands. The mastermind behind one of the longest running radio shows in dance music history and owner of the A State Of Trance label. But also husband to Erika, the love of his life and father to his first-born, his daughter Fenna. A loyal friend to those who can handle his lack of spare time and a loving member of a warm family. This documentary will take you all the way from his home, to the airports, to the private jets, heading for the party. It will show you the loneliness of an empty hotel room and bring you to the heat of the moment, as 100,000 clubbers await their hero. It reveals the perfectionist and the relentless drive inside him, as well as the music addict. From the preparation of his ‘Mirage’ world tour and the phone call that’ll tell him if he’ll keep his #1 position in the DJ Mag Top 100, to a tour around the house he grew up in and the radio announcement that he’s going to be a father. ‘A YEAR IN THE LIFE OF ARMIN VAN BUUREN’ is not another ‘behind the scenes’ documentary. It’s Armin van Buuren, in person. Op 6 oktober heeft deze documentaire z’n TV-premiere bij de AVRO om 21:30!

Armin Van Buuren - Aktuality:

30.3. - Skladbu "Always" od Armina van Buurena a BTho zachránil povedený klip

23.6. - Jump: hit Van Halen jako trance remix Armina van Buurena

21.6. - ARMIN VAN BUUREN feat. LUCAS & STEVE & JOSH CUMBEE – Don’t Give Up On Me

10.12. - Balaton Sound odkrývá své první trumfy. Přijedou Marshmello, Armin van Buuren, DJ Snake, Paul Kalkbrenner

23.5. - Armin Van Buuren posiela darček v podobe novinky Blah blah blah

24.2. - Armin van Buuren v novince "Sex, Love & Water" sáz

31.10. - Armin van Buuren v Ostravě nakonec vystoupí. Původně plánovanou show však nepředvede

20.8. - Najlepšie plateným dídžejom sveta je opäť Calvin Harris

5.9. - Armin van Buuren predstavil Philips M1X-DJ

21.2. - Na Balaton Sound prídu Wu-Tang Clan aj The Prodigy

Nové akcie - HUDBA:

31.3. - DARČEKY

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