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Kód: 31678327


Dodanie trvá 5 týždňov.

Dátum vydania: 14.6.2012
Žáner: FUNK
EAN: 3775000090517 (info)
Obsahuje nosičov: 1
Nosič: CD

V ponuke: 2 dodávatelia, od 21.90 €

Digipack. includes : 16 page full color booklet 12x12cm. The Cucumber is not only a vegetable, it is one of the most exciting bands that the French territory has ever known. So. Get ready for lift off with its sophisticated musical cuisine and its delicious vegetable sounds! The French Job, the bands first album, is guaranteed to sweep you off down a resolutely groovy time tunnel with 16 furiously catchy tracks travelling through Swinging London, breakbeat, soundtracks and funk. The 60s influenced vintage instrumentation mixed with a thoroughly modern electro pop sound may bring to mind artists such as
David Holmes, Lalo Schiffrin, the KPM catalog, or early Air records. The band members: Cyril Jean, (Hammond organ, Fender Rhodes, flute), Marie Julie Arnal (Hammond organ, Moog, Theremin), Christophe Vaillant (guitar, sitar) and Olivier Vaillant (bass) are all familiar names in the French pop scene, from having worked in bands such as The Cryptones or The Strawberry Smell, and theyre currently involved with the Pony Taylor project, and Stereoscope Jerk Explosion. In 2007 Cucumbers first two 7 inch vinyls: Chris Clubber / Mayflows Garden, and Its Hippopotime / Shocking! (produced by Cosmic Groove, an independant French label & record store) both received international acclaim. Cucumber tracks have also been featured on the Boutique Chic compilations produced by Thomas Deligny, and Sugarlumps 3 of the legendary Acid Jazz label. The band has also made several remixes, Hushpuppies, Janko Nilovic, The Moons, April March...
01. 12 lightyears per hour
02. Les Tics Erotiques
03. Chris Clubber
04. Polaroïd
05. Thank You For Listening
06. Le Dodorant
07. Le Temps des Requins
08. Sadurday
09. It's hippopotime
10. Hot Pepper Soda
11. Shocking
12. Yves Emmanuel Shankar
13. 09.01.2006 (The Trap)
14. 09.01.2006 (The Chase)
15. I thank Her Majesty The Queen
16. Malyflows Garden.

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