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Žáner: Country
EAN: 0829757184326 (info)
Label: Snake Bite
Obsahuje nosičov: 1
Nosič: CD

Booking Tel.#206.605.3026 P.O. Box 20494 Seattle, WA 98102 Who is Ruby Dee and The Snake Handlers? Well, we're a 5-piece rockin' Americana combo from Seattle, WA that plays country music like it’s meant to be played. No big hats, no pyrotechnics, no choreography. Just honest original tunes. Some call it alt-country, some honky-tonk, some traditional country... we certainly encompass all those styles and moods, from Bakersfield 'hard country' to Memphis rockabilly, from Western Swing to Pacific Northwest insurgent country, from Southwest Tex-Mex to Northeast rock'n'roll --- influenced by our heroes like Buck Owens, Johnny Cash, Patsy Cline, Bob Wills, Hank Williams, Merle Travis, and The Blasters, just to name a few. The band came together in 2002 and the individual members have performed with Marc Olsen, Gerald Collier, Deadwood, DRAGSTRIP 77, The Ugly Americans, The Spitfires, The Ultramatics, The Scenic Wonders, and The Model Rockets, among others. The band is fronted by the lovely and talented Ruby Dee (singer/songwriter), accompanied on big flat-top acoustic guitar and harmony vocals by the equally lovely and talented Liz Smith, with Pete Smith (no relation) as the 'anchor man' on electric bass, Lewis Warren as the 'engine room' of the group on drums and backing vocals, and Jorge Harada on 6-string Telecaster guitar. Known for their hi-energy live show, the band has made a name for themselves in the Pacific Northwest as a group that delivers as soon as the lights go down, and is performing to capacity crowds in local clubs as well as having performed at larger festivals such as Folklife in 2004 & 2005 and Bumbershoot 2005, along with numerous rodeos and county fairs throughout the state. 'Five for the Road', their debut 5-song EP CD released in 2003, has sold over 2000 copies at shows around Seattle. A couple of tunes get substantial airplay on local radio station 90.3 KEXP's Swinging Doors (Thursday nights) and Shake The Shack (Friday nights), as well as country stations 94.1 KMPS & 96.9 KGY. Based on overwhelming popular demand, the band went into the recording studio in Seattle during November 2005 with producer Conrad Uno to record a full-length release. Advance singles from that CD are already gaining airplay in the US and Europe, and the band is currently seeking distribution for the record. Whenever Ruby Dee & the Snake Handlers play out, it’s to a packed house: we rock ‘em and shake ‘em and make ‘em cry when it’s right. We sure hope to show you what we do too! Ruby Dee & the Snake Handlers Reviews “The old school country feel in the band is very engaging, with sad, haunting qualities & strong verse melodies. The thing I find most fascinating about this band is Ruby’s unique voice: in ways it reminds me a bit of Dolly Parton & Emmylou Harris, but there seems to be an innocent, childlike quality that sets it apart from those artists (and everyone else).” Taxi Review, March 2004 “... You bring me back, WAAAYY back, to the days when my momma used to sing on the Louisiana Hayride!” A Fan, March 2005 “Their quirky retro style puts them in a category by themselves. Jorge’s guitar solos really blaze, blending authentic vintage country influences with a rockabilly edge. This is a great roadhouse band, with romantic overtones and fine storytelling in the tunes themselves. ‘Tell Me Why’ is one of my favorite weepers, and ‘I Remember You’ would sound just great blasting out of an old jukebox. Ooh Wee!” Taxi Review, May 2005 'Ruby Dee & The Snake Handlers make a sweet honky-tonk country racket that's perfect for long road trips, lazy afternoons and jumpin' and jivin' at the corner bar. If you like Hank Williams, Patsy Cline, Buck Owens, X or any combination thereof, you'll immediately recognize the band as kindred souls. If you don't like those great artists, guess what? You may end up dancing to The Snake Handlers anyway, despite yourself. The band's that good.', July, 2005- Voted Favorite Band in Seattle by the NW People’s Picks Awards You want roots music? With Ruby Dee And The Snake Handlers, you'll get genuine American music, roots, rockabilly and country. Give it a listen - you won't be disappointed. Hopefully, you’ll like us too.

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