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Kód: 30107249


Dodanie trvá 4 týždne.

Žáner: Reggae
EAN: 0728943317466 (info)
Label: Keith and Tex
Obsahuje nosičov: 1
Nosič: CD

We have been truly blessed to be able to watch Keith and Tex take their music all over the world. They also share in that joy, with fans and friends from all over, their particular brand of “Rock Steady” sound that is so loved by so many. Keith and Tex have never stopped loving music, making music and living music and over the years they have kept in touch and have remained close friends though living in different countries. Now they are able to work together again and bring you all of their new music. They have traveled far and wide to meet with each other and record and they have spent hours working hard, writing and producing this new album. They have collaborated with many people to create a wonderful and brand new contribution to the music world. Seventeen explosive tracks with an overflow of powerful lyrics plus harmonies and melodies. Songs for every genre. The sounds of Jamaica are in this album, and the vibes of Keith and Tex are strong! “While I was on the tour with Keith & Tex in Japan, I realized that they are not just “Nostalgic Jamaican artists.” But substantially more in the ever expanding Jamaican and world music scene. Since I distributed 'Rockers' movie in Japan back in 1980, I have been recording tunes with Jamaican artists. I have been promoting concerts and doing artist management for 35 years now. So I can say with certainty that they are not only in the Vintage music scene but are also making contributions in the modern era as important artists. I know that from my experience and even today they are making an impact when they go on tour.” Shizuo Ishii, OVERHEAT MUSIC INC., Japan. Thank you to all of the people who showed them support in our wonderful community of music makers from the UK, France, Israel, and California. It is with great pride, and much joy, we are able to find Keith and Tex back on the scene with new music, showcasing their talents once again. Family, Queen P and Nathan Ranking.

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