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Žáner: Rock
EAN: 0888295033145 (info)
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Nosič: CD

This is an interesting one. I Love Rich is either the world's biggest ego trip or a rather amusing joke. I still can't work out which it is, although I have a sneaking suspicion/hope it's the latter. The band - Rich on bass and vocals, Drewblood on drums, Chuck E-Sleeze and Full Throttle on guitar - hail from Chicago. They play a simple raw punk-influenced hard rock that references AC/DC as much as it does The Sex Pistols. The result is fun, clearly designed for a seedy back street bar, and kind of good. The performances are adequate - they aren't going to worry Led Zeppelin - but that's not important. The key thing here is the lyrics. Writer Rich, who actually states on the back of the CD, '...only he could come up with lyrics this bad ass', has taken an acknowledged leaf from the book of hip-hop. The words in these songs don't give a sh*t what they say, and they are all the better for it. How good is the song title, 'I'm Only Here Cause Your Sister Said No'? Genius! The rest of the wordplay isn't far behind. Overall, this is an enjoyable EP that isn't going to blow you away from a musicianship point of view...but it might just make you chuckle. I bet these guys are a f*ckin' riot live too! Rock Realms - April 2010 NEW--- I LOVE RICH are back with a new record just full of power and rock and roll kicks with a power punk injection added in. Well, with that guitar powered sound ILR will give you some anthem style punk rock and roll with some power just a kick out the jams sound that fans of AC/DC, ELECTRIC FRANKENSTEIN, RHINO BUCKET and THE KNACK will enjoy. Just the kind of music that keeps me going after all these years. Toxic Flyer - Spring 2010 BW NEW--- Looking at the godawful cover art for this self released album fills me with the kind of dread that I haven't experienced since I was 11 and was really confused as to why I enjoyed the music of my older brother's porno movie more than the action on screen! (The film in question was 'Pussy Talk'). Once I put the CD in though, I'd love to say that it all changed but......I'm glad to say it did... With song titles such as 'Let's Fuck All Night' and 'I'm Only Here Cause Your Sister Said No', we're not gonna get intelligent thought-provoking music but some kick ass rock 'n' roll - the way it used to be! With hints of The Donnas - 'Spend The Night' era - I Love Rich have some great songs but the production lets them down a little but as it's fully self financed the band should be congratulated for such a professional product - not the cover though! Uber Rock UK David Prince NEW--- A better name might be 'I Love Kiss,' although these boys do borrow heavily from any number of aging cock rockers. These songs are funny ('Your Sister Said No,' etc.) and well-played. Eminently silly and well worth turning up to 11. Aiding and Abeting NEW--- Gli I Love Rich sono un gruppo americano il cui primo lavoro risale addirittura al 1993. Ci? che propongono ? un rock'n'roll di stampo classico sulla scia di band come AC/DC e KISS (il cantane/bassista Rich possiede una timbrica piuttosto vicina a quella di Paul Stanley) e fin qui niente di male. Ma qualcosa che non va c'?, e salta subito all'occhio. Difficilmente attaccabile a livello musicale, nonostante la scarsa originalit? della proposta (che non ? sempre e per forza un difetto), ci? che non convince del tutto ? il concept che sta dietro a questo gruppo. Se brani come “Let's Fuck All Night” o “I'm Only Here Cause Your Sister Said No” dovrebbero strappare un sorriso, purtroppo per gli I Love Rich non ci riescono; probabilmente ai componenti manca il cosiddetto phisique du role che pu? rendere credibile un prodotto di questo tipo (vedi Steel Panther). Si lasciano ascoltare, ma le canzoni non fanno ridere né divertono particolarmente. Trascurabili. Roxx Zone (Italy) NEW--- Judging by the song titles on I Love Rich's Season Of The Rich you don't have to be a brain surgeon to figure out that this EP is going to be full of sexual innuendos. Actually, forget the innuendos, with titles like 'Let's Fuck All Night' and 'Everybody's Getting Laid Tonight', they aren't hinting or alluding to anything, they've just come straight out with it. Most of the lyrics here are a milder version of the 'boy's locker-room' stuff that Steel Panther has reached success with. There is a cheesy element about I Love Rich. Lead singer Rich does a good job of convincing the listener that he knows how great he and his band are, but in a farcical kind of a way. From their official site and myspace page, these guys are indeed amusing, with Rich proclaiming about himself, 'He's the king of rock'n'roll, all the ladies want his jock, King Kong ain't got shit on him'. And as much as he probably wants us to believe it, I'm more inclined to guess his tongue is firmly in his cheek. I'll probably never get to see I Love Rich live, because I live miles away from Chicago, but I'm betting it would be an entertaining show with a party atmosphere because they have that vibe in their music. Listening to this group you can picture them being an over-the-top affair, preening about the stage, having a laugh, and enjoying what they do. Unless you are humorless or are easily offended, you really can't help but crack a smile at some of this. Although I Love Rich don't seem to take themselves too seriously, they shouldn't be dismissed because musically they aren't a parody or joke at all. They appear to be pretty accomplished musicians with some tasty riffs and big drums. Rich himself sounds a lot like Paul Stanley which, considering Kiss' massive fan base, isn't a bad thing. All the songs do have a sameness about them, but then again so do AC/DC and that hasn't done them any harm. Season Of The Rich is a straight ahead mix of rock and glam with a smirk on its face. It won't set the world on fire, but it's perfect if you fancy opening a few cold ones at home and re-creating the feeling that you are out at a sweat soaked bar having a good time with I Love Rich. Sleaze Roxx, November 2009 Tania NEW--- Se la memoria non mi inganna, mi ero gi? imbattuto in questo gruppo a cavallo tra la versione cartacea e quella web di SLAM!. A distanza di una decina d'anni rieccoli qui a riscaldare il mio inverno con il loro grottesco e divertente glam rock. Se pensate che gli Steel Panther siano assurdi, allora date un'occhiata alle loro foto che fano sembrare i Trash Brats dei modelli di Armani. Dubito si prendano troppo sul serio, anche se il confine tra il ridicolo e il glam a volte ? molto sottile, ma sta di fatto che il quartetto di Chicago ha tutte le carte in regola per allietare le orecchie di vecchi glamster che ormai fanno la guerra con spandex che pi? su del ginocchio non vogliono salire. Titoli come 'Let's Fuck All Night' o 'Everybody's Getting Laid Tonight' non sfigurerebbero in Death To All But Metal o in quelli che furuno i Bastet anche se a livello di sonorit? hanno fatto un patto giurato con i KISS d'annata e tranne in 'I'm Only Here Cause Your Sister Said No' dove inizialmente sembrano essere i BLACK N' BLUE, tutto il resto del CD ha pi? di un riferimento alla band di Simmons e Stanley. Moreno Lissoni If memory serves me correctly, I had already come across this group in between the paper and the web SLAM!. At a distance of about ten years here again here in my warm winter with their grotesque and fun glam rock. If you think that the Steel Panther is absurd, then look at their photos that appear fano Trash Brats models Armani. I doubt you take it too seriously, even though the line between ridicule and glam is sometimes very subtle, but the fact is that the Chicago quartet has all it takes to entertain the ears of old glamster who now make war with spandex that above the knee do not want to climb. Titles like 'Let's Fuck All Night' or 'Everybody's Getting Laid Tonight' did not look out of place in Death To All But Metal or those furuno Bastet although the level of sound they made a pact with the juror KISS vintage except in 'I'm Only Here Cause Your Sister Said No' where initially appear to be the BLACK N 'BLUE, all the rest of the CD has more of a reference to the band by Simmons and Stanley. Slam (Italy) Moreno Lissoni NEW--- I like this band a lot. I Love Rich play fun pop metal, reminiscent of big hair, spandex, and hot chicks humping the hood of a Trans Am. This is simply fun music, and I feel to analyze it and pick it apart would be a crime. Featuring Chuck E. Sleeze, otherwise known as Chuck Uchida of No Empathy, the record immediately caught my interest. The band is solid, the songs are fun, and with titles like “Let's Fuck all Night”, “Im Only Here Cuz Your Sister Said No” and “Everybody's Getting Laid Tonight” you can't go wrong. One word: Fun. Jersey Beat Chris Mattern NEW--- In a year where Spinal Tap returned and hair band spoof Steel Panther received some notice it's not surprising that other bands would rise up with lyrics that are far from subtle. I love Rich are lead by a vocalist/bassist who is of course named Rich. Yes, just Rich as no last name is listed. Maybe he is too cool for a last name, I don't know. The rest of the band includes guitarists Chuck E. Sleeze and Full Throttle plus drummer Drewblood. The opener is 'Let's fuck all night' and the music is very much late 70's KISS with a solid, yet straight forward sound with slightly repetitive lyrics. Keeping in tune with similar topics they follow up with 'I'm only here cause your sister said no' sounds more AC/DC with a basic groove helping the bounce along. Up next is 'Everybody's getting laid tonight' and you can begin to see that these guys have one track minds for their lyrics. Either they always lead with the crotch or else they just not never got tired of talking about what they talked about back in 8th grade. However 'I'll be around' finds this band sounding slightly more serious for some reason. This track sounds like KISS with a touch of early Black -n- Blue tossed in for seasoning. The disc wraps up with 'Rise up for rock and roll' which is probably my favorite song here. The main riff sounds similar to 'Creatures of the night' era KISS. Rich actually sounds somewhat Paul Stanley on all of the five tracks here. Most of the songs are very simple and a couple them run on a bit too long. This sure isn't rocket science nor does this band try to pretend otherwise. This isn't something I could listen to all the time for sure. Still they tap into the spirit of basic hard rock on the music at least and they play a fun and fairly likable style. Perhaps I liked Rich and his band more than I loved them, but not a bad effort. Metal Mark NEW--- Mid tempo sex driven punk rock from Chicago... The band has played with acts such as Precious Weapons, The Upper Crust, Queers, gene Loves Jezebel among others.. Lead singer and Bassist Rich sings, Drewblood on drums and Chuck E. Sleaze on guitar. I was hoping that Let's Fuck All Night would have the wallop of Betty Blowtorch's 'Shut Up And Fuck' but not the case... Punk Globe Ginger Coyote NEW--- esetzung Gesang, Bass: Rich Gitarre: Full Throttle Gitarre: Chuck E. Sleeze Schlagzeug: Drewblood Was issn dat? I Love Rich?? Nie gehört…und nach dem ich das Teil mal einige Runden lang in meinem Player hatte, komme ich zu dem Schluss: Ich hätte auch am liebsten nix von dieser Band gehört. Meine Güte, was ein Klo. Billiger Rumpel-Hardrock mit Glam-Schlenker…dazu üblester Drumsound und Holterdipolter-Songs der Marke „Let`s fuck all Night“ oder „Everbody get laid tonight“. Dazu wird im Info so was von dick aufgetragen, das ich Anfangs an eine Juxband dachte. Doch das scheint es nicht zu sein. Denn immer hin ist „Season of the Rich“ schon die dritte Veröffentlichung dieser…ähm…Band. Das Gute an dieser CD ist die Tatsache, es sind nur 5 Songs und der ganze Kram ist innerhalb von 20 Minuten überstanden. Aber wer braucht das? Ich meine für eine schlechte Pretty Boy Floyd, Motörhead, Ramones-Kopie braucht man nicht in die USA zu gucken. Das haben wir sicher auch auf jedem Dorfrummel, wo die lokale Band ihre Instrumente einstöpselt und von ihren Kollegen und Freunden abgefeiert wird. Wer hat hier gerade was von Wrathchild (UK) gesagt? Jetzt fällt mir ein woran mich I Love Rich erinnert. Das ist es. Am Ende vom zweiten Song wird immer wieder „Hit Me“..“Hit Me“..Skandiert…Oh ich würd gerne. Sorry, Leute, aber „Season Of the Rich“ ist einfach nur totaler Mist und es lohnt sich echt nicht die CD zu bestellen. Naja, einige mögen möglicherweise gerne mal reinhören…Also: Aber ich habe euch gewarnt. Möglicherweise gehe ich auch nur mit zu hoher Erwartungshaltung an diese CD (oder Demo) heran, doch was soll ich lügen und hier feiern: Boach, wie geil rocken die mir Hose. Da spannt sich das Spandex und für die toupierten Schnürsenkel vom Drummer hau ich noch 2 Extrapunkte raus. Ne, das ist nicht meine Welt. Da gibt es andere Gesellen. Nuff said, I Love Rich lohnt sich nicht und fertig. Klo-Mucke, ganz einfach. Da rüttelt man nix dran. Datum: 28.10.2009 - Autor Jörg Germany NEW--- Here I Love Rich offer up their first batch of new material for a while with Season of the Rich. This EP contains five new songs, many of which have already become live favorites. The songs are typical I Love Rich, which is to say straight talking sleazy rock, which is fine by me. The EP opens with 'Let's Fuck All Night', which effectively sets the tone, and is quickly backed up with 'I'm Only Here Cuz Your Sister Said No', which has to be one of the best song titles that I've ever heard! 'Everybody's Getting Laid Tonight' continues the feel before 'I'll Be Around' slows things down a little, almost giving the impression that the singer (who kind of reminds me a little of Paul Stanley for some reason?) might actually have a heart! Anthem like 'Rise Up For Rock N Roll' closes off the EP. I Love Rich aren't breaking any new ground here with Season of The Rich, but what they do provide is some excellent sleazy rock! And you know what, I think I am Loving Rich! Rating 9/10 Glitzine (France) Barry Gennard NEW--- Hell Yeah! Finally, a rock band has released a cd that actually rocks. The highly anticipated 'Season of the Rich' by Chicago legends I Love Rich is here and the timing couldn't be better. What is the last cd you bought, borrowed or downloaded? It doesn't matter, because nothing compares to or rocks like 'Season of the Rich.' These five tracks are all about real life, which in their world is partying and getting laid. The first track, 'Let's Fuck All Night,' starts this party and the title says it all. It also sets the tone for this cd. There are no wimpy ballads from these cock-rock gods. Just pure rock 'n' roll – the way every album should sound. 'Everybody's Getting Laid Tonight' is a sing along that no one will be able to resist. 'I’m Only Here Because Your Sister Said No” and 'I'll Be Around' are sure to bring out the real rock chicks at any party. The final track, “Rise Up For Rock 'n' Roll” is an anthem for today's music fans and future rock stars. 'Season of the Rich' is a collection of songs that are long over due. The cd is filled with Drew Blood's thundering drumming and the sneering guitar attack of Chuck E. Sleaze and Full Throttle. And it is all punctuated with wondrous slices of Rich Love's rock poetry vocals. I Love Rich have a style, attitude, rawness and audacity that is unmatched and have delivered a great-sounding CD, which is a genuine rock classic. Radio Vampire International David Staudacher NEW--- I Love Rich is a tongue in cheek, & I mean VERY tongue in cheek, crazy, sleazy rock n roll experiment gone horribly right! The sad thing is, if this band had came out about 15 years earlier, this band would probably be on MTV, signed, & touring crappy bars all over the world, BUT, the band is out now, the times are different, the music scene isn't what it used to be, & good time rock n roll with themes based explicitly about sex are not totally en-vogue these days, but I Love Rich continue to press the flesh with anthems like 'Let's Fuck All Night' & 'I'm Only Here...' that take what KISS & Poison did in their prime & I Love Rich pull out all the clever ways to hide the sexual overtones & I Love Rich goes right for the heart of the matter when they tell it like it is, they call a spade a spade & are not afraid to say they want to f**k you & where the band IS clever is in their sense of humor, because they are superb at beating you to the punchline, but still delivering a punchline in their own unique way! Musically, the band is straight up hard rock, the vocals are rockin', the guitars parts layer the vocals nicely & what can I say, I Love Rich has a kick ass, sexy, EP that leaves nothing to the imagination & it's best described like having sex with a watermelon...if you push on it too hard it will break, but if you do it just right, you've got a nice, juicy treat...weird analogy, huh? That's what I Love Rich is all about! Rock and Roll Experience NEW--- The boys are back and the timing couldn’t be more perfect, or deliberate. Hmm, so let’s add it up shall we. 20 years since the last new Ace Frehley release, and his new platter arrived on earth last month. 11 years since the last new KISS release, and their most recent offering hit the streets 2 weeks before this writing. 5 years since I LOVE RICH unleashed “King of Rock n Roll upon it’s eager legion of fans the day of this writing, Oct. 16, 2009 Now here we are, in the final quarter of 2009 and KISS has done their best attempt to remain true to their roots, or should we say balls, which they left somewhere back in 1981. Ace got sober and has delivered his trademark guitar and songs about outer space, a couple of instrumentals, and with a dandy cover of Fox on the Run. And then their our beloved I LOVE RICH, and in the 11 years I’ve been familiar with them the only thing about their formula, which was perfect over a decade ago, that has changed has been a few guitar players. That aside, this band rocks harder than their forefathers and the sound has remained consistent. Fear not, the line up is the same and as solid as it was in ‘04. And though they’ve tested these songs in their shows over the last few years, they haven’t actually given us anything new to pump our fists or loved ones to at home or in the car. (note: doesn’t have to actually be a “loved” one) That is until now, “The Season of the Rich” is a 5 song CD of pure sonic Viagra. In fact, if the singer wasn’t so convinced he was so damned awesome, and he is, they may could have actually gotten away with naming this album exactly that. The disc kicks off with “Lets Fuck All Night” which begins with the trademark twin guitar attack, and the song is well about, “fucking all night”. And unlike every other band out there that saves things such as the all important drum solo for the middle of the record, ILR land a hearty one-two punch with a drum solo in the middle of the first song. Giving you a clue what you’re in for over the 30 minute ride. Next up is my favorite song “I’m Only Here Because Your Sister Said No”, which isn’t only a fun, tongue not in cheek, misogynistic confession, but also has the best line of any rock song I’ve heard in years. “I hate every bone in your body but mine.” OUCH! Seriously though, the song is seriously funny. “Everybody’s Getting Laid Tonight” which is sure to be a crowd pleaser live and is the longest song on the disc, coming in at just over 6 minutes, gives everyone a chance to join in the chorus. On the forth track I’m almost convinced the singer/songwriter has a heart. (His heart being a little bit lower in his mid region than the rest of us humans mind you) Please don’t get me wrong there are no sappy ballads here, these guys are too much about rock n roll for that, but on “I’ll Be Around” Rich is offering his booty call services when he declares, “Cause when you feel alone, and don’t wanna’ be let down, just call my name, yeah, and I’ll be around”. And it’s notable to point out that the music stylings of this number is a departure from the riffs that have made ILR the supreme rock gods that they have been. A refreshing departure at that. This is their “Sweet Child O’ Mine”, and it’s about time. The fifth and final song is the new rock anthem and over the years I LOVE RICH have succeeded in recording many. “Rise Up For Rock n Roll” is their latest, boasting “Sometimes you lose control, when we play our rock n roll, yeah we’re you’re favorite band, now follow our command.” Rich does his best Paul Stanley since, well, the last album, and that’s fine w/ me and it’s obviously fine w/ the fans. If I had to sum up “Season of the Rich” in one line it would be this. Five songs that are full of non-stop fun filled sing a long anthems, loaded with catchy guitar riffs, sizzling leads, a solid true rock back beat celebrating all things Sex, Rich, and Rock n’ Roll. After 5 years, this release shouldn’t be considered a comeback, because these boys never went away, but it will keep the listeners coming back for more. And in the opinion of this writer, after 11 years, ILR remain the most entertaining rock band in the Chicago region. MK Magazine Alex Zander I'm The King Of Rock And Roll' kicks off opener I Love Rich's album,Year Of The Rich, and it more or less sets the tone for the local band's cocky, lounge-rock. There are fist pumping refrains, exaggerated guitar solos, and a 'let's fucking party' attitude that informs the band's catalog. Live, it gets amped up to a surreal level. Headliner Desi Rexx pushed glam rock to its limits in the '80s with his former band D'Molls, though fans may also remember him from his brief stint as a rhythm guitarist for David Lee Roth. These days, Rexx, unsurprisingly, continues to showcase his skills for guitar wankery in the form of extended solos and sleazy songs--in other words, cock rock straight out of the '80s. The Onion There’s a couple places where I think hip- hop has it over rock. Both are lyrical areas and they involve boasting and feuding. Not since Skynrd called out Neil Young in the hot summer of 1914 has there been a case (that I know of) where one band pisses on another by name. It happens in hip-hop every day, in fact I’m certain it’s happening as I write this. A piece and/or grill is getting all got up in while lyrics are being scribbled on a pack of Newports for an answer song. Or Parliaments, it could be Parliaments. Or whatever. Anyway, I think it’s high time someone started doing this, unfortunately it’s not our friend Rich. Of the band I Love Rich. He does however boast, a lot. I mean I haven’t seen boasting like this since I passed the GED test (the second time). He’s the king of rock’n’roll, all the ladies want his jock, King Kong ain’t got shit on him and on and on. The twist here is Rich is not really Rolling Stone magazine cover material. He has sort of… an everyman look about him. If everyman had a giant head, red hair and wore airbrushed t-shirts of themselves. When I first looked over his latest CD Year of the Rich, I really didn’t know what to make of it. It seemed like a joke, but the fucking joke was on me because Rich totally kicked my ass.The opener, I’m the King of Rock’n’Roll, sounds like a lost KISS song, and is delivered with so much conviction you almost do believe he IS the king of rock’n’roll. Then you remember Dio and you’re like….no, but for 40 seconds or so… Other standouts include the title cut and What Every Woman Wants, which happens, incidentally, to be Rich. On the track Turning Me On, Rich makes it clear it’s not actually the chick that’s floating his boat, it’s the fact that she’s singing his songs to him. There is a theme at work here. The disc is full of great recycled AC/DC riffs and the guitar playing (handled by Chuck E.Sleeze and Full Throttle) is fucking killer. Like almost every tune I’m like…damn…that’s a fucking cool riff, I’m stealing that. I say it out loud just like that and my dad (who lives with me) yells/asks me from the living room who I’m talking to, and I tell him like (all crazy) ‘I’m trying to make my lunch!!” and then he goes back to watching Sports Center. Now, Rich is not really the best singer and the songs do tend to all sort of sound the same but in this case, it’s not a bad thing really. The Donnas, The Ramones and AC/DC always sound the same and I can’t complain about them. So be it, 2005 is Year of the Rich. Here’s hoping next year is the year of raining beer and money sandwiches . Hold the bread on mine. Sleaze Grinder -V- I Love Rich are a Chicago-based four-piece that has noticed that the juvenile, narcissistic, and frankly funny aspects of Rock can be a lot of fun too. This is particularly so if you don’t bother showing any actual restraint when employing them. I detected an underlying assumption here that the sex-starved high school house-party mentality is as mature as you really need to be. Followed by the observation that the previous assumption is probably wrong, but what the hell, it’s Friday. These guys have the Rock-n-Roll Cliché front and center, with no attempt to disguise it. There are actually songs on this 10-song CD that are pretty much about “rocking you all night long.” The other songs don’t deviate very far from this theme. Well played and stylistically very KISS-like, my only wish is the guitars would have had a little more of the “huge” sound going for them in the mix. They are placed in at tasteful levels, and I’m not sure tasteful is what they are looking for here. Review in a word? Fun. It’s worth pointing out that if Low Art weren’t entertaining, there would be nothing on TV. Demorama (Conrad Teves) 2 song preview From: Chicago Best song: “Let’s Get It On Tonight” Hey, look who it is- Chicago glam-punk semi-legends I Love Rich. This is a two-song taste o’ their upcoming full-length, “Year of the Rich” (isn’t EVERY year the year of the rich, tho?), and if you’ve ever heard these cars before, than you know what to expect – Paul Stanley fronting a fishnet-wearing mascara massacre band. “Let’s Get It On Tonight” has a chugging cock-rock riff and shout-along chorus straight out of “Too Fast for Love”. Sez here it’s the “extra long” version, but since it only runs a cuppla minutes, I think they might be making some kind of reference to their dicks. Glam bands do stuff like that. “If Loving Me is Wrong” is another 80’s fried cock rocker, part Ramones, part Poison. If ya dig flash metal with punky backbeat, then fuck, maybe you’ll love Rich, too. Melissa says: “He’ll probably have to slap me, choke me, and abuse me verbally before, but I’ll do it!” Sleazegrinder ???????? ?? ??????? ???????????? “????” ???? ?????? ??? ???? ??? ?????????, ??????? ????????? ???????? ?????? ?????? (? ??????? ?????? ?????), ??????? ?????? ??? ?? ?????????? ????? ????? ? ??? ?? ??????? ????????? ? ????????????: “? ? ?????, ?? ?????? ????? ?????????…”, “? ? ??? ?? ????????????? ????????…”, “? ??????? ????? ????????????…”, “?? ??????? ?? ????? ????? “????”…” ? ??? ? ????? ????. ?????? ???????????? ???, ???????. ???????? ??????? ??????, ??? ???? ???? ? ??? ????? (??? ????????? ????? ?????? ??????????? ??? ???????????? ??? ???????? ?????? ??? ? ???????????? ?????????? ???????) – ???????? ? ??? ????-???-?-???????? ?????? ????????? ?????????? ??? ??, ????? ????? ?????? ???????????? ?????? ???????? ??????? ?????-????-?-???-???????? ?????? ???????? ?????. ??? ???, ??? ????????????? ?????? ??? ????????????? ????????? ? ????? ????, ????? ?????????? ????? ????? ??????… ?????, ???????? ?? “?????” ?? ??? ??? ???? ? ?????? ???? ???????????? ???? ? ?? ?? ??? ???? ? ?? ?? ??????. ????????, ????? ??? ??? ??????: ?????????-??????????, ????????? ????? ?????, ???-?-?????, ??????? ????-???? ? ??? ????? ??????? ??????????????? ????? – “?????, ?????, ? ??? ????? ??????? ?????! ? ???? ????!!!” I LOVE RICH, ??? ?? ???????, ?? ??? ??? ? ???????, ???????????? ????? ? 1993 ????, ????? ???????? – ??????, ?, ???? ??? (??? ???-???? ???) ???????? ???????? ???????????????? ??????? ?????????????? ????????, ?????????? «sexiest» (?? ?? ???????????? ???????????) ?????? ?? ????? ????????? ?????? ?? ???????. ?????? ??? ???????? ???????? ????? ??????, ?????? ??????????????? ? ???????, ? ?? ??????? ???????????? ???????? ?????????… ??????? ???? ????????. ????, ??? ??? ?????? ? ???????? ????? ?? ???????… ? ?? ??? ?????????? ????? ???? ??????. ???? ?? ?????????????? ???-?? ?? ????????? ??? ???????? ?????????????, ??????????: Metal Music Magazine/Legion(Ukraine) ?? I Love Rich sind mittlerweile zu einer groesseren Institution innerhalb der Underground Glam Rock Szene geworden, und viele Newcomer Bands werden sich noch an deren Live-Show messen muessen. Musikalisch allerdings liegt die Messlatte weit niedriger. Trotz des grossen Spass-Anteils hinkt 'The Greatest Rock `n´ Roll Record Of All Time' den grossen Versprechungen seines Titels weit hinterher. Die CD beginnt zunaechst mit einem ernsthaften Timingproblem, bevor sie uns einen uptempo kick-ass Rock & Roller mit dem Titel 'Rock and Roll Party Tonight' beschert, ein Song, der uns vermuten laesst, wie wohl Pretty Boy Floyd geklungen haben muessen, bevor sie gesignt wurden. Mehr PBF Sound folgt mit 'Mister Heartbreaker' und 'World´s Greatest Lover', einem der Highlights des Albums. 'Feel The Heat' enthuellt einen starken Kiss-Einfluss und fuehrt uns zurueck in die fruehen Tage des glammigen Hard Rocks, bevor uns I.L.R. mit 'Touch My Sexx' einen weiteren sowohl musikalisch als auch textlich typischen Pretty Boy Floyd Song um die Ohren hauen. Vergleiche mit fruehen Kiss und (ohh, noch einmal) Pretty Boy Floyd sind offensichtlich, auch wenn I Love Rich nicht so so catchy und so frisch sind wie ihre Vorbilder und darueberhinaus noch einiges an Vibes vermissen lassen (zumindest in Bezug auf ihre Musik). Nichts zu spezielles, aber jede Menge Spass fuer jede Party. Solltet Ihr jemals eine Gelegenheit finden, I.L.R. live zu sehen, lasst Euch diese nicht entgehen. Julian Angel Medazza Rock (Germany) I Love Rich is a collection of pure fun. A band very 'naughty' at it's core, 'Touch My Sexx' and 'Gonna Gonna Get Some' are outrageously sexy. You can't NOT love this! Primal and pornographic. Here's your vice and YOU KNOW we all go there sometimes. Play this at your next party. You'll have them rockin' and rollin' all night. 'Rock n Roll Party Tonight' makes me thirsty for a HUGE frosty mug of Budweiser, a tight shirt and some very close friends. Gin Of Arc CD Smash I Love Rich sounds allot like the obscure punk influenced glam bands of the eighties, such as Queeny Blast Pop and Foxy Roxx. The songs are short, the guitar solos fast, and everything is straight to the point. At times they come across as a faster, punk version of Kiss, as vocalist/bassist Rich can sound allot like Paul Stanley on occasion (check out 'Feel The Heat' for proof, a tune that would have felt at home on Dynasty). The one element that is consistent throughout this disc is the sexual references. Song titles such as 'World's Greatest Lover', 'You Want My Action', 'Gonna Gonna Get Some' and 'Touch My Sexx' pretty much sum up what this album is all about. I'm sure that the politically correct fools that take I Love Rich too seriously think they are the most conceited and arrogant group of guys on the planet -- and while this could in fact be the case -- chances are it's an act to simply get a 'rise' out of people. Sit back with a beer and enjoy the show, cause this is the type of music that not only tries to bring back the fun and outrageousness of the late 80's, but also the larger than life attitude that came along with it. Grunge specifically tried to kill bands such as this, and now I Love Rich is trying to get revenge. Skid Sleaze Roxx, Dec 2002 Hide your sisters and daughters! Rockin' hard out of the Windy City comes I Love Rich — the hams that can't be cured! As you might guess from the ludicrous title, this CD is a send-up of glam-rock bombast a la KISS, Motley Crüe, Hanoi Rocks, etc. Surprisingly worthwhile, given their Spinal Tap-ish premise and deliberately over-the-top approach, bassist/vocalist Rich, drummer Drewblood and 'Cuban sensation' Eider Ferrari on lead guitar will rock your sad little world with such soon-to-be monster hits as 'Hot Chocolate,' 'World's Greatest Lover,' 'You Want My Action' and 'Touch My Sexx.' Hey, the original bands bordered on self-parody, so why should we be surprised when a real parody sounds almost as good? Demo Universe Greatest Rock 'n' Roll Record of All Time? Well, I think that's a pretty bold statement for any band to make. However, if you're a fan of 80's glam metal, or have been digging the sounds of Andrew WK's party rock... you'll probably want to check these guys out. With catchy lyrics and song titles like 'Rock and Roll Party Tonight' and 'You Want My Action' these guys from Chicago are definitely obsessed with sex and fun, which certainly isn't a bad thing. So, check' em out. But, please leave the can of Aquanet in the medicine cabinet. Candy For Bad Children Stacey Dawn What does the world need right now? Aside from the obvious of the death to fundamentalist-Muslim-terrorists, how about the return of real, pure party rock and roll? Ok, you got it! A perfect blend of camp metal (Spinal Tap comes to mind) and true 70's style party rock and roll (ala KISS). In fact, I Love Rich are the new troubadours of that genre! I Love Rich is just plain cool. Comprised of Rich (bass and way cool vocals) Drewblood (drums) Eider Ferrari on lead guitar and vocals, with assistance from the likes of Samuel L. Action and Jeff Leppard. This group of sex crazed party animals give you what you want but are afraid to admit; straight-no-chaser party rock and roll. With songs like 'Rock'N'Roll Party Tonight' , 'Worlds Greatest Lover', Touch My Sexx' and 'Doctor Tung' just to name a few, how the hell can you go wrong? This may or may not be The Greatest Rock'N'Roll Album Of All Time,but it is a blast from the past and pure raunch'n'roll for the 21st century. As Rich put it himself, 'We want to bring our rock everywhere it's wanted and quite frankly; probably to a few places that don't want it'. The more the better, Rich! Midwest Beat David A. Buco O.K., I'm not sure where to go on this one. I THINK they are being sarcastic, at least I hope so. It's probably a combination of things, I'm sure they take what they do seriously, but I also have the feeling they're just having a bit of fun. The best comparison I can come up with is this. What the Mentors were to Hardcore Metal and Punk, 'I Love Rich' is to Glam Rock. Meaning they take is to the extremes with sugary sex-laden rock tunes. Listen to the some of the titles. 'World's Greatest Lover', 'Touch My Sexx', 'Doctor Tung', 'Gonna Get Some', and 'You Want My Action'. Can they possibly be serious? I highly doubt it, but yet serious enough to put out a decent quality CD and tour their asses off. I think these guys would be a blast to see live and probably funny as hell guys who will drink beers with you between sets. Guys, if I'm wrong, and these songs have more meaning to them than I'm comprehending I apologize. If is is all about having some fun, then hat's off, you have put a big smile on my face. Rock and a Hard Place I LOVE RICH is the self-proclaimed 'World's Sexiest Band' wailing from Chicago, Illinois. Not a band to be overly modest or take itself too seriously, their newest release 'The Greatest Rock 'n' Roll Record Of All Time!!' is an entertaining, thoroughly rockin' party album. This band has it all: Great Sound, Great Hooks, Great Image. Starting with the energetic 'Rock And Roll Party Tonight' and continuing on with such cleverly written tunes as 'World's Greatest Lover', 'Touch My Sexx' and 'Doctor Tung,' this band had produced a fast paced, hard rockin collection of motor-rev-ving, libido inspired songs. Combining the aural pyrotechniques reminiscent of KISS and the fast paced, high spirited musicianship of the Ramones, this band has created a unique blend of party rock long missing from the music scene. Their songs are tongue in cheek but don't be decieved. There is excellent musicianship going on here. As one reviewer put it: I could listen to this ALL DAY on the radio while working on a construction site or ALL NIGHT at a kegger! One listen and you'll love Rich too. The Honest Truth If you have yet to hear I Love Rich,than let me give you a brief synopsis. I Love Rich are possibly the most unique band that I have had the privilidge of seeing live numerous times.They are the only band that I have ever witnessed treating a small crowd in a punk club like they are seeing Bon Jovi in a huge arena.Whether you want to believe it or not they will pull out all the stops to convince you of the following things : 1) They are the greatest Rock and Roll band ever. 2) Rich is the World's greatest lover and 3)They don't really care if you believe them or not! The latest release by I Love Rich is insightfully titled 'The Greatest Rock 'n Roll Record of All Time!!',and anyone familiar with these guys would expect no less. With tongue firmly planted in cheek I Love Rich bang out sex charged arena rock anthems with such titles as Mr. Heartbreaker,World's Greatest Lover,You Want my Action, and Touch my Sexx.It's hard to believe they would write such pompous,ego ridden,cheesy ass,shlocky ,metal-god wannabe...GREAT Songs! What you thought I was ripping on them...Hell No! What makes me cringe about music in general are all the same things that make I Love Rich great.Because they are very well aware of what they are saying and doing and they do it well. I Love Rich are such a breath of fresh air when looked at against all the bands that take themselves too serious.I remember playing a Christmas show with these guys and they brought thier drummer out completely gift wrapped from head to toe and then while playing the show Rich (vocals/bass) throws out wrapped toys to the crowd while dressed as Santa Clause.This is typical I Love Rich always willing to go the extra mile for thier fans. This abum is a great way to forget what's bugging you and make you feel like playing air guitar in front of the mirror.My only complaint is that my favorite I Love Rich song isn't on this album.('I'm Digging you,Digging me'off of a previous release that they didn't send me!Hint.Hint.) I can't wait to hear what these guys do next.They should have a bigger budget to work with next time,once they start recieving the royalty checks from Jack Black and Tenacios D for ripping off all thier gimmicks. Long Live Rich n' Roll Mental Beat Ashliegh Wolfgang In a time when it’s just “not cool” to live out the cool rock star fantasies and excesses that glam rock once portrayed, there are still those who have the balls and the heart to say “fuck ‘em!” and do what they love. Why? Because it’s rock ‘n’ roll!! It’s an attitude and a rush that naturally flows through your veins rather than being fabricated. Embracing all those elements is the Chicago-based trio I Love Rich. Though done in a tongue-in-cheek manner, I Love Rich takes the musical and showmanship ingredients of Kiss, stir in the hip-gyrating, lip-smacking, pelvis-grinding, spandex-wearing sexual aroma from Poison’s Look What the Cat Dragged In album and you got yourself the ultimate modern day rock ‘n’ roll experience. The Kiss aspect is immediately picked up with the lead track and rock theme “Rock and Roll Party Tonight” or on “Mr. Heartbreaker.” The dosage of Poison comes through on songs like “You Want My Action.” I Love Rich began to their career back in 1995 and released Live, Wett, Drippin’ with Sexx in 1997. That’s followed by another sex driven collection of tracks called The Greatest Rock ‘n’ Roll Record of All Time, which was released in 2001. Now, in all honesty, the odds of it actually being the greatest record is probably slim to none. But that’s how I Love Rich works. They possess a carefree, party rock attitude and have fun with what they do and that is what it’s all about…having fun and enjoying the short time we have on this planet. The song titles alone ooze of sexual delight, “Gonna Gonna Get Some,” “Touch My Sexx,” and “Doctor Tung,” which also features additional guitar work by Jeff Leppard. You’ve to give these guys credit for doing what they do. They’re master showmen of their craft. One can only assume that fun is had by all when catching I Love Rich live. Hell, I had more fun at a recent Poison concert than I did at a Pearl Jam show. Pearl Jam, being one of the modern rock giants, simply stood in front of ten candles and played their songs with not much life into it. Big deal. What’s the point? I could have sat at home and thrown in the disc and get the same affect. Meanwhile, Poison gave their fans their monies worth and delivered a rock and roll spectacle full of energy and excitement. Of course, no one does it better than the legendary Kiss, but I’m sure you see where I’m coming from. To their credit, the band has already opened up for some reputable acts such as Nashville Pussy and Night Ranger. Love it or leave it, glam is back and making its way through the underground. The fever of I Love Rich is catching. Rock Rage SPECIAL GUEST REVIEWER: Jimmy Levino from Naperville, Il So I was walking around the mall the other day, trying to get a blacklight at Spencer's. My mom finally cleaned out the attic, and she says it's about time I got my own place, so after I move my bed and all my other stuff up there, I'm setting it up so I can totally get some chicks in there and throw some kick-ass parties. So anyway, I stop in the CD store first, and I see this record from I Love Rich called The Greatest Rock 'n' Roll Record of All Time. There's no way I'm passing that over, dude, so it looks like the blacklight's gonna have to wait till next week. I'm glad I bought that record, but at first I was all grossed out: There's this song on there called 'Touch My Sexx.' There's no way I'm gonna, like, touch some dude like that. I don't swing that way, bro. I was going to give it to my little brother 'cause he likes all that emotional music or whatever they call it, and I thought it'd be right up his alley. But then I thought, there's two 'x''s in the title, he must be singing that to some chick he wants to get all nasty with. That rules, man! I'm totally gonna need this for my new party pad. Let me tell you bros, these guys rock it old school. It sounds like those bands I used to check out back in the day, like those dudes from my town who always opened for E'nuff Z'nuff. I dunno about the guitar player though: I mean, he shreds and all, but he's no C.C. DeVille or Mick Mars. Those guys rocked and probably got at least as much tail as I Love Rich, if not more. I like most of the words, too, except for a few of 'em. Like when he says 'I'm gonna rock your world, rock 'n' roll party tonight / I'm gonna lay your girl, rock 'n' roll party tonight!' Yo man, I'm all for partying 'n shit, but if that dude tries to make the moves on my girl I'm totally kicking his ass. Not that I have a girlfriend right now or anything, but if I did I wouldn't take too kindly to some rock band stealing her. I mean, it's not like they don't get plenty of loose groupies that they have to get in on my action. Man, I used to have a band called Metalmorphis. We got tons of pussy, and we never even played out, except at that battle of the bands at the rec center. We totally got screwed out of that one, 'cause we had a smoke machine and lights and everything and we still didn't win. That shit was rigged big time. Wait, what was I talking about? Oh yeah. Anyway, this Rich dude looks to be a pretty big guy, and I'm a lover not a fighter, know what I'm sayin'? So I guess if Rich wants to steal my chick, there's not much I can do about it. One time I saw this movie called Spinal Tap. Man, that band kicked ass, but they kinda made those guys look like jerks. I would have totally kicked that fat dude's ass in a second if they played me for a jackass like that. Then one of my little brother's stupid friends tried to tell me it was all fake. Naturally I kicked him right in the nads. What does he know about kick-ass rock? Next thing he's gonna tell me that WWF is fake too. Poser. Anyway, this I Love Rich band is at least as kick-ass as those guys in Spinal Tap. It's like maybe they should have waited a few years and just made a movie about I Love Rich instead. They totally wouldn't let some movie guy play them like suckers, and they'd probably add some naked chicks like the Crue did. The Greatest Rock 'n' Roll Record of All Time? Nah, dude. That's Skid Row's Slave to the Grind, man. But this one still kicks some ass. I'll tell you what, though: I'd go to their concert any day. There's pictures inside the CD of them playing, and they got a big flashing sign like Kiss and they probably got fire too, and the biggest smoke machine ever made. Rich must get so much ass, maybe I can shack up with his castoffs. If I get a girlfriend, she's staying at home, dude. As told to Nathan Delusions of Adequacy I wasn't too impressed with 'Live,Wet, Drippin' with Sexx', I Love Rich's 'live' album. The production wasn't all that, the songs were pretty cheesy as far as one-note jokes go, and the music sounded supressed and unchallenging. This is a vast, vast improvement. 'Rock and Roll Party Tonight' may sound like an uninspired KISS rip off (there's a lot of KISS embroidered in I Love Rich's approach, I think), but from there it's a neat sing-a-long party album with 'Mr. Heartbreaker', 'Hot Chocolate' (where the album really picks up and the bands talent for writing catchy choruses really shines) and my favorite, 'Gonna-Gonna Get Some', a must hear. I think the album title may be a bit misleading, as the line between pure rock and roll and being tounge-in-cheek novelty is hazy ('Feel The Heat' for instance), but this is definitely an impressive rock expierence on it's own, and a fun one at that. Ladies, you know what to do. CRC Paul This is the only record EVER where the title tells it like it is. No band anywhere ever has and ever will rock like RICH! Period. Full of hard anthems and cock rock sex themes The Greatest Rock n Roll Record of All Time features 12 timeless classics. The record kicks off with audience favorite Rock And Roll Party Tonight which is part KISS Rock N Roll all Nite and part Spinal Tap Tonight I'm Gonna'Rock Ya' but stands still as all ILR. Followed by Richs first song (on the record) about himself titled Mr. Heartbreaker. My personal favorite Hot Chocolate is third 'She keeps me warm in the winter time.' And you can bet this ain't no Swiss Miss he's singing about either. Next up is another song Rich wrote about himself called Worlds Greatest Lover and as the liner notes in the gatefold read, this tune if reminiscent of anything echoes the vocals and harmonies of the late great Hanoi Rocks who may be the only band to come close to achieving the greatness of I LOVE RICH. Almost halfway into the record guitarist Eider Ferrari gives Eddie Van Halen a run for his money on Ferrari Action, which is a hot guitar solo. Followed by You Want My Action and Gonna Gonna Get Some. Now I don't want to hear anybody crying that this is an album that appeals to a sexist adolescent male dominated audience. I LR are the most fun band on the circuit today. Don't judge a book by its cover or a song by its title. The ILR audience is comprised mostly of willing and eager female professional who maybe want to forget their troubles and let some 'ya ya's' out. What they want form Rich and his bandmates I don't know. Men aren't allowed back stage. In essence this collection of soon to be classic rock and roll party tunes captures all the raw energy of an I LOVE RICH concert, miraculously recorded by veteran producer Chuck Uchida without an audience. The rest of the record includes Feel The Heat, Touch My Sexx, Like A Rocket, Dr.Tung, and a reprise of Hot Chocolate. So if you want to let your hair down, pump your fists and sing along to a record. Why not do it to The Greatest Rock n Roll Record of All Time. Judge this record by its title. MK Ultra Alex Zander Chicago, IL has been the home territory to the likes of REO Speedwagon, Survivor, Cheap Trick, Defcon and Romantic Fever :) Add one more legendary band to the list: I Love Rich. After a decade of seducing audiences, the love gods of Illinois have finally came across our desk. Musically, think of tongue in cheek party rock like Kiss, Pretty Boy Floyd, Cheap Trick, The Zeros and The Donnas. 12 tracks of high-energy fun are included on “The Greatest Rock N Roll Record Of All Time”. Hooks galore bring life to “Hot Chocolate” and “Worlds Greatest Lover”. Obviously, I Love Rich is a wealthy band as well; if you don’t agree check out the 37 second thrill of “Ferrari Action” provided courtesy of guitarist Eider Ferrari. Most of the titles on the CD are along the lines of the debut Poison CD. “Gonna Gonna Get Some”, “You Want My Action”, Touch My Sexx”, etc. Rich has a definite glam style voice and fits perfectly with the music. I Love Rich keep it simple and the songs are instantly memorable. This CD can bring a smile to your face within a song or two and they must be great fun to see in a live setting The Pure Rock Shop The Band Of the Week is: I Love Rich is a group of guys from Chicago, IL. Rich is the bassist as well as the lead singer. Drewblood is the drummer and on lead guitars and back up vocals, it's Eider Ferrari. The band's latest album is called 'The Greatest Rock n Roll Record Of All Time'. The album is far from being the best of all time, but you gotta give these guys credit. They seem to have the attitude down 100%. Some of the songs on the album are: 'Rock And Roll Party Tonight', 'World's Greatest Lover', 'You Want My Action', & 'Touch My Sexx'. The song titles are great. There are 11 songs in all with a remix of one of the songs. A pretty cool album to pick up if you want to hear some Glam Rock these days. It's hard to find a band around that plays like these guys. The band has been compared to the great Glam Rock Band... Hanoi Rocks. That's a great compliment to have! Rockin' Your World Now that KISS is supposedly wrapping their career up (I’ll believe it when I see it), the time is right for I Love Rich. On their latest studio effort, the modestly titled The Greatest Rock ‘n’ Roll Records Of All Time!!, the self-proclaimed “World’s Sexiest Band” (modesty strikes again) lay out 12 tracks of ragged rock and roll that is a bit on the campy side and often reminiscent of the aforementioned KISS (Rich’s vocals often sound like Paul Stanley) along with some glam, a la Hanoi Rocks and Poison, and even a little Ramones flavored punk. While their music is a fun, unadulterated party, and the lyrics don’t get much deeper that the song titles (“Rock and Roll Party Tonight”, “Gonna Gonna Get Some” and “Doctor Tung” among them) there’s definitely talent here. The Music Korner Geoff Melton I might have to get my speakers looked at, because this sounded like it might possibly be in the top eight or nine, but it doesn't sound like the all time greatest to me. It's no 'Slippery When Wet'. Of course, this is biting, double edged Garage Metal, a genre that in some ways is superior to anything Bon Jovi or Whitesnake ever did, quite possibly moving this up to four or five of all time. Roctober Sie tragen ja mächtig dick auf: Nehmen für sich in Anspruch, »The Greatest Rock'n'Roll Record Of All Time« eingespielt zu haben, behaupten, ›The World's Greatest Lover‹s zu sein und versprechen echte ›Ferrari Action‹. Aber in ihrer großzügigen Art gestatten sie uns: ›Touch My Sex‹. Damit macht uns die Formation aus Chicago unzweifelhaft klar, wo sie rummucken: Hier gibt es zwölfmal widerlich geilen Pose-Glam-Sleaze-R'n'R zu hören, den wir in den Achtzigern als echte Metaller nicht mit Arsch angeschaut hätten. Da mittlerweile der Drecksack-Rock auch für Eisenbeißer gesellschaftsfähig ist, dürfen wir uns durchaus an den Stücken erfreuen, die nur selten länger als drei Minuten sind. Will heißen: Alle unverbesserlichen Poser oder neuzeitlichen Rock'n'Roller dürfen sich durchaus durchaus folgendes Bekenntnis abringen: I LOVE RICH! Underground Empire; Germany 'The World's Greatest Rock'n'Roll Record' ... well, isn't. But it is a lot of fun. Imagine early, pre-signed Motley Crue kinda music with Ramones-like vocals and much funnier lyrics and you've got it. I mean, how can you not like a band with lyrics like: 'I'm gonna rock your world, Rock and roll party tonight, I'm gonna lay your girl Rock and roll party tonight' or 'You think about me every morning And you think about me every night You think I'm too damn cute And I think that you're right.' Rough Edge R. Scott Bolton Delirante terzetto di glam hard rock proveniente da Chicago e formato dal bassista e vocalist Rich, dal drummer Drewblood e dal chitarrista Eider Ferrari. Dodici i pezzi presenti tra cui uno strumentale, i ILR ripercorrono la strada tracciata dai KISS ('Like a Rocket') e da quella di sua eccellenza MICHAEL MONROE e degli HANOI ROCKS ('Gonna Gonna Get Some'). il suond ? molto pi? 'hard rock' di quanto ci si possa aspettare con ritmiche sculettanti e chitarre taglienti, ma con i soliti cori orecchiabili a-la TRASH BRATS ('Hot Chocolate'). Oltre a quelle gi? citate, vi segnalo la divertente 'World's Great Lover', la PSYCHO GYPSY-iana 'Touch My Sexx' e 'Rock And Roll Party Tonight'! SLAM! Party Rock Zine(Italy) These wonderful guys take every heavy-rock cliché in the book and cram it into every song. Sure it's comedy, but it WORKS! Late 80's guitar shreddery, bozo vocalizing that would make Vince Neil proud, dumber-than-dumb drumbeats, and root-note basslines that make Judas Priest's sound like Stanley Clarke. This disc goes right next to my well-worn copies of Pretty Boy Floyd's 'Leather Boyz With Electric Toyz' and the first Dangerous Toys disc. I LOVE RICH ROOOOOOOOLZ! Now when are you guys comin' to Minneapolis? Demorama Dylan Ritalyn I Love Rich has got to win the award for 'Oddest Band Name,' while the album title will either fall into 'Best Tongue-In-Cheek Album Title' or 'Most Cocky Album Title' category. By the looks of Rich (lead vocals/bass) and his co-horts, Drewblood (drums) and Eider Ferrari (lead guitar/vocals), these guys are just having a great time being silly. While they're serious about putting the fun back in rock n' roll, they're obviously trying to look as ridiculous as possible. After all, Rich weighs at least 250 pounds and he's more glammed out than an ugly whore. Of course, I mean that in a good way - otherwise, Rich might kick my ass! Musically, these guys play punky three chord glam rock, and they do it well. Fans of Hanoi Rocks, The Ramones, and Spiders & Snakes will love these guys. Although this isn't necessarily the greatest rock 'n' roll record of all time, it's been a really long time since most of us have heard a new band playing in this style, and it is friggin' refreshing. It's also nice to see sexually tinged song titles like 'Feel The Heat,' 'Touch My Sexx,' 'Doctor Tung,' and 'You Want My Action.' If you like fun music that doesn't require any thinking, you'll like I Love Rich. Metal Dreams Chris Dugan If you like your music with a touch of Kiss, Ramones and some Glam, then you WILL love I Love Rich. Each song is a testament to the early 70's rock with a great feel of 70's punk with a whole lot of bad ass glam thrown in. Is this band Sexxy? Hell ya! 'Rock and Roll Party Tonight' is a fast-paced, Kissesque tune and 'Mr. Heartbreaker' has a killer punk edge. This is the '00's meets the 70's and 80's world of glam, straight-ahead rock and a little punk. This album takes me back to being a kid again when Kiss was very cool and the Ramones were the ultimate in punk. The energy the songs emit, the feelings they inspire.... heads bobbing, feet stomping cool music. Feel like being taken back? Take a ride with I Love Rich. It could be that singer Rich sounds similar to Paul Stanley (not enough to kill the music), and Joey Raomone morphed together but its mainly because the music has such a cool early element, right up to the backing harmonies in 'World's Greatest Lover'. This is an album to thrown on at a party that will get even the zombies moving! I think I love Rich because Rich loves me. Let this album shine at a party and kick your 70's inspired brain right back there and damn if you don't have a good time! This album has everything, including a nod to early LA Guns a la 'Sex Action' especially evident on Track 6, 'You Want My Action'. You really can't help but digging this. Yes, it's been done before but I haven't heard it done recently quite so good, and quite this true to the 70's and early glam. Dig it baby!! For those that say this band takes too much I say come on man! Get serious. Is I Love Rich too be taken 100 percent seriously? I think that they can speak of this for themselves and I think they would say, 'Rock on carzy babies. We are hear to party!' Stoner Rock Chick Deanna St. Croix Bunch of disturbed kids from Chicago,USA. They're naive, kitsch and led by bass-player Rich who seems to be the mastermind behind this crazy project. Somebody compared them to Hanoi but in my humble opinion they're more akin' to Kiss, music and attitude-wise. The kind of record you wanna spin when it's party time. Swallow a few beers, let your feet tap, don't take them too seriously and everything's gonna be allrite... Leather Boyz (Italy) You might be asking 'Who's Rich and why the hell should I love him?' Well, it's difficult not to love a 247 pound, forty year old decked out in glittery pink spandex and long red hair. Truth be told, I Love Rich, who have aptly deemed themselves the 'Sexiest band in the world', are an homage to all that is Glam. Their tongue and cheek approached to lyricism is well displayed in their latest release 'The Greatest Rock 'n' Roll Album of All Time', a follow up to 1997's 'Live, Wett, Drippin' with Sexx'. It's all in jest though,. Hopefully no one will take lyrics like 'Oh mama I can feel the heat' and tracks such as 'Doctor Tung' , 'Touch My Sexx' and 'Gonna Get Some' too seriously. So, if you're looking to rent Spinal Tap tonight, take a listen to I Love Rich instead. Especially nowadays, we could all use a little upbeat camp, egocentric sexual declarations, and pink spandex. Action Attack Helicopter Saira Khan It starts with some awful double bass drums but, fortunately this is not a thrash metal record and I LOVE RICH show us that party rock'n'roll is what they are good at. These songs are mainly influenced by the Sunset Strip 80s hair bands but they also contain some punk rockin' catchy riffs and lyrics that can easily be sung by the audience ('Hot Chocolate', 'World's Greatest Lover', 'You Want My Action'...) In other words, this is more glam rock than metal and we won't complain about it. Do you remember when rock'n'roll was all about fun? Well, they do and listening to this album is what you need to bring back a smile on your face. Let's party with Rich and friends! Veglam (France) Laurent With a album entitled The Greatest Rock'n'Roll Record of All Time!! and songs claiming at least one member of this band is the 'World's Greatest Lover', one will hope to whatever deity one sends hope to that this band is thoroughly tongue in cheek. With luck, there is a lot of sly, self-effacing humor at work here. There'd better be because if these guys are singing any of this with complete and total seriousness, this world is in major trouble. I Love Rich is a Chicago trio who essentially play glam rock with a Ramones approach. Each of these songs are designed to be anthemic and catchy singalong sessions, but tend to have a slightly punky way of going about it. The songs ooze dumb rock egomaniac self-aggrandization the same way many glam bands of the 80s did. KISS is obviously a major keystone in this band's approach, considering the lyrical nature of many of these songs. Considering that the band is as homely as anyone writing for Satan Stole My Teddybear, one hopes that declarations of the Rich Crew's studliness is as serious as my claim that I have record review groupies. This is the type of record that may fly over the head of serious metal fans and will probably appeal to little punkers for the schmaltz factor. You can't help but giggle to yourself while listening to this record as I Love Rich does nail down pretty much any glam rock cliche imaginable here and with any luck, they are taking themselves a little less seriously than some of those late 80s hair bands did. Satan Stole My Teddybear John Chedsey Chicago’s very own I Love Rich is not only a flash to the past with their sound that could be a carbon copy of all your old KISS LPs and their 80’s cock rock packed lyrics. Led by singer/bassist Rich, a 247 pound red head with spandex clothes and a boa along with a flare for writing songs that are just as funny as the way he looks! With songs like “Worlds Greatest Lover”, “Gonna Gonna Get Some”, and the ever more rockin tune of “You Want My Action”, you could have one rockin’ party with those guys down the street who work at Guitar Center and still think Van Halen’s “1984” is the best shit out today! OK, I must admit I did listen to all that kinda music back in the 80’s… and to hear I Love Rich, brings back memories of being an unruly asshole… and I love it. This music is fun music to listen to… the kinda music that you would give the middle finger to all the liberal jackass’s who believe in feminism or even to those P.C. bastards of corporate America!!! So, what do I have to say about this Spinal Tap of the 2000’s… they are fun and continue the rock standards of all the music for which we never admit to have listened to in the past. So, buy a leather jacket… tie up your girlfriend with chains… and bring yourselves to the altar of the sex god known as… I Love Rich. The Paradox The greatest rock 'n' roll record of all time? Well, I don't know about that...but it is pretty cool! Anyone Remember REAL rock and roll? Well, that's what these guys specialize in! I Love Rich plays good old fashioned glam rock (cock rock, call in what you want!). It's hard rocking, raunchy, trashy, sleazy, and fun, the way glam rock was meant to be! They don't play around, they just let loose and rock out! Don't you just love bands who do that? Don't you wish there were more bands like this in the world? I Love Rich is influenced by bands like the New York Dolls, Hanoi Rocks, Aerosmith, L.A. Guns, and many 80's bands. Every song rocks! Most of the songs are about sex (a staple in glam rock) and the band even has a sense of humor! The song 'Dr. Tung' is a laugh! Other cool tunes include 'Hot Chocolate', 'You Want My Action', 'Touch My Sexx', 'Like A Rocket', 'Mr. Heartbreaker', and 'World's Greatest Lover'. Subtle these guys ain't, but rock and roll ain't meant to be subtle, is it? This is just pure, straight-ahead rock and roll, no frills, no 'additives', just rock the way it was meant to be! There has been a dire shortage of this style of music for several years now, so hopefully bands like I Love Rich can help put it back on the map! They put the 'rock' and the 'roll' back in rock and roll! Ball Buster Jonathan Mariante From the title of their latest album, it's apparent that I LOVE RICH are up to their typical mischief. The Greatest Rock'N'Roll ALbum of All Time doesn't quite live up to the billing, but it clearly signals the over the top abandon that I Love Rich have always used in crafting their image and music. The bright, crunchy guitars and the howling vocals reference glam-rock ancestors Hanoi Rocks while their driving melodies pay homage to Kiss and the Ramones. They proudly proclaim their sexual prowess in such irreverent tones, it's hard not to smile. Cheeky and raunchy, their package may not be the greatest, but for a hard rocking laugh, it's not bad. Illinois Entertainer May 2002 Is good solid rock dead? Well, headbangers out there, go throw down your long hair and raise some hell, because this band is going to strip down all the barriers. Finally, a mainstream act has crawled out of Chicago and have survived the alternative and punk scene. However, punk groups like Electric Frankenstein and other rock groups like Nashville Pussy and Night Ranger have let this group open up for them. This is their second release and America beware, this group is ready to drink up, rock on and party. No fuzzy limp rock here, they have a powerful sound that can raise the roof. Hard pounding yet with some anthems, the music is quite radio friendly too.

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