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Kód: 30070537


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Žáner: Folk
EAN: 9345195000215 (info)
Label: Vanessa Craven
Obsahuje nosičov: 1
Nosič: CD

I was born and brought up in the foothills of the Himalayas in a hill station called Mussoorie in India. Music played an important role in my life - church, school, university choirs and music groups. I grew up listening to Dad's extensive collection of classical music on 78's and reel to reel tapes. I also listened to Radio Ceylon 'Listener's Choice', and was influenced by the music of the Seekers, Peter, Paul and Mary, Simon and Garfunkel, The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Joan Baez,Donovan and more. Recently my influences have been Ry Cooder, Bob Brozman, Del Rey,Nick Charles, Kristina Olsen,Janis Ian, Mary Black, Kate Campbell, Pete Fidler, and Jerry Douglas to name a few. I got my first guitar when I was twelve years old and played on and off. Life and living got in the way.Migrating to Australia and starting a new life here. It wasn't until four or five years ago that I decided to make music my focus. Hence, this CD is a journey of my music which started in India and continued here in Australia.I want to thank my parents for encouraging the music that is in me. Mum for helping me produce this my debut album. Without her help this would not be possible. Thanks Mum! You have always been there for me! May you enjoy this CD, and find it inspiring just as much as I did in putting it together. It's been a huge amount of fun playing various instruments on this CD such as the cajon drum, harmonica, didgeridoo, lapslide guitar, standard and resophonic guitar in standard and alternate tunings.Most of the original tunes came out of 'doodling' on various guitars and tunings. 'One Last Shot' - which is the first track on the album, was written in Del Rey's songwritiing class at Lernnoxhead Australia. This was the first song I ever wrote without the help of an instrument. I am an ardent fan of Del's and so soaked up every word she said in the class, and when she asked us to write about 'water' - this song tumbled out. I have a variety of wonderful musicians who played on this album with me and added their musical magic such as - Pete Fidler on lapslide and mandoline,Aurora Jane who produced this CD with great insight also plays bass guitar, electric guitar, drum kit, and percussion, xylophone and keyboard, Peter Vadiveloo on udu, George Condos on latin guitar, Paul Jonas on violin, Louise Godwin on cello,Peter Anderson on accordion, Mal Web with mouth percussion and Dani Fry chorus vocals. Enjoy! What reviewers say about this Album :CD Review by John Williamson “Trad and Now”: “……..Vanessa has won busking competitions and been a finalist in both the Brunswick and Maldon songwriting competitions. You might say she has paid her musical dues with the release of this, her first album. And it shows. This is a lovely CD to listen to from start to finish, literally.The first track “One Last Shot” makes you want to sit up and listen and the final track, “Lullaby for Monty” is a beautiful instrumental which leaves you feeling at peace after listening to it.. Both tracks were composed by Vanessa along with another six on the CD. They are all of high quality covering topics as diverse as neighbours, chooks, water, office gossip, tea and beloved pets. …….In addition there are five song covers on the CD. The highlight was a superb rendition of “Nights in White Satin”. I also enjoyed Vanessa’s interpretation of the Bob Dylan song, “I Believe In You”. Vanessa is accompanied on the CD by Pete Fidler (dobro), George Condos (latin guitar), Peter Vadivaloo (udu, percussion), Paul Jonas (violin), Louise Godwin (cello), and Aurora Jane (bass, drum kit and she also produced, recorded and mixed the CD.Support the local music industry, this CD is well worth considering and is available from …..” The Album is also available via CD Baby. Nick Charles : “It’s a very professional presentation-lovely artwork.I gave it a couple of good listens in the car (my main listening room!) and again at home.Really enjoyed the first track -good lyric, harmony and feel… probably the standout and no doubt that’s why you kicked off with it.The recording and mixing seem ok to me.I enjoyed tracks 1 and 4 best . The Polynesian tune would have benefited from some uke or mandolin maybe , to bring out the sentiment a little more. It’s a lovely tune. All in all, well done and good luck ! Suzete Herft : “ Loved your cd. You’ve got a great way with melodies. Loved the first song.I thought Sally’s song was my favourite, but I now think that this is. I also loved the eagle’s song. You should sing your own songs – they are wonderful. No wonder you are in the final for the songwriting contest. I think you should enter it in other contests as well. Well done!”

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