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Žáner: Reggae
EAN: 0887516195020 (info)
Label: Adent Records
Obsahuje nosičov: 1
Nosič: CD

Dreadlocks is an inspiring and excellent album making waves in the tourist industry now in the Gambia and all over the nation. The tracks are the demand of most tourists that visit the Gambia because it is also normally performed life and they always demand for them. It is a fusion of Root Reggae, Dancehall Reggae, Pop Reggae etc. The Lyrics are so inspiring. It is writing in English and few songs in African languages (Wolof and Temne). The lyrics are also full of fun and entertaining. The songs are songs you will like to listen to over and over again. The instrumentation are so fantastic. Surely you will really like it. Abdul Selassie(VOR Voice of Rasta) has been in the music industry for long time now singing with his band and several other bands at the hotels in the tourist industry in The Gambia and he is the favorite of the people He has also performed with several bands in Holland, Finland, Germany and many other places and it is time for him to be heard all over the world so that you also can enjoy from his inspirational compositions and music.

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