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Kód: 29432769



Dátum vydania: 24.10.2013
EAN: 0659131300062 (info)
Nosič: CD

V ponuke: 2 dodávatelia, od 25.58 €

Popis - RISING:
Previously unreleased vintage studio tracks spanning 1976 to 1978. Beginning in the early 1970s and continuing until 1980, this relatively unknown band from Houston managed to record a stunning collection of songs that are the musical expression of the word Chameleon. Twisting and turning, changing colors, leaping out of your speakers at times with unbridled ferocity- this band will hold your attention throughout the 70+ minutes contained on this disc. Musicians Spencer Clark (guitars, vocals), Mike Huey (drums), Craig Gysler (keys, vocals), and Rick Huey (bass) rounded out the mid-70s line-up with a key change being made later in 1978 with the addition of Marty Naul (Oz Knozz) on drums. The band's sound and style reflect the artists they listened to and loved yet at the same time they managed to craft their own unique tones. One may hear reflections of Peter Gabriel-era Genesis, Canterbury heavyweights Camel, King Crimson, Dixie Dregs, and Eloy in their music (emphasis mine).

01. Texas Cyclone Paradise Lost Pilot Thoughts Brave New Way Drool Away Pass Through The Columbian Mountains Everyday Everyway Mirkwood Forest In The Heart Saturate Midnight Matinee Life Positions In My Own Way

Chameleón - Aktuality:

1.6. - "Full Moon 10", to je oslava sto dvaceti úplňků ve velkém stylu

24.6. - Boy George nedostal víza, v New Yorku sa nepredstaví

25.10. - Jazzové dni v Bratislave potešili, no neprekvapili

16.4. - Překvapení? Limp Bizkit kralují éteru!

Nové akcie - HUDBA:

30.7. - Novinky Júl
15.6. - Novinky Jún
31.3. - DARČEKY

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