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Dátum vydania: 24.4.2019
EAN: 5907785039506 (info)
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Nosič: CD

Popis - SPUNK [REMASTERED 2015]:
TSA is one of the most important bands in Polish rock music; they are unanimously considered precursors of the heavy metal in Poland. The band was formed in 1979 in Opole by Andrzej Nowak. Two years later, still as an instrumental quartet (Andrzej Nowak, Stefan Machel, Janusz Niekrasz, Marek Kaplon), TSA gave an immensely successful performance at Jarocin Rock Festival, which resulted in winning the Audience Prize. On 12 July 1981 at Pop Session Festival in Sopot they debuted with Marek Piekarczyk on vocals. In 1981-1983 they played a few hundred gigs a year ? the reaction of the crowd was hysterical anywhere they went. Their singles and albums - "Live", "TSA", and "Heavy Metal World" - set standards for Polish rock music, at the same time achieving great commercial success - they sold in hundreds of thousands of copies.

01. Don't Worry Friend Upper Classes Stop Nothing Left To Say Your Conscience People like Zombies Black Sabbath No Hints Don?t Worry Friend (bonus video)

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