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Dátum vydania: 6.10.2014

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As part of its Quebec Metal series and in a continued effort to call well-deserved attention to this Canadian region's important contributions from the era, Nuclear War Now! is pleased to release the "No Speed Limit" box set, a collection of eight cassettes of essential ? but often overlooked ? Quebecois demo replicas from this great scene.  As it would have been certain to do if all included bands had shared the same live stage at the same event, Vo?vod headlines this release with its ?No Speed Limit ? Iron Gang Fanclub Live Demo? from 1986, which was recorded live at the No Speed Limit festival, alongside the likes of bands such as Aggression, Sacrifice and D.R.I.  Another primary highlight is the Obliveon ?Whimsical Uproar? 1987 recording, which is simply one of the best demos to ever emerge from the region, characterized by more notable European influences, brief glimpses of deathrash, and a very strong production value.  Along with Vo?vod and Obliveon, the two other bands in this collection to have recorded official full-length albums were Soothsayer and Aggression, the latter of whose thrashing speed metal, as captured on their ?Demo #1 1987,? perfectly represents the unique Quebec style of the era.  Soothsayer's ?To Be a Real Terrorist? 1986 demo is also included, as is the Voor ?Evil Metal 1985? demo, both of which were previously released on vinyl LP format as previous installments in NWN!'s Qu?bec Metal series.  Additionally, this collection features demos from several bands that never diluted their potency under the pretense of a need to record a full-length album. Among these are the Outrage ?Buried Pieces 1984-1986 Demos,? the Treblinka ?Trials of War? demo from 1987, and the ?Thrash Till Death 1987? demo from Vensor, whose vicious, Venomish black thrash is soon to be reissued by NWN! on vinyl and CD formats as well.

01. AGGRESSION ?Demo #1 1987?
02. Blaspheming at the Altar
03. Evil Pox
04. Metal Slaughter
05. Torment or Death
06. OBLIVEON ?Whimsical Uproar? demo
07. Whimsical Uproar
08. The Scrutinizer
09. Undeserving Glory
10. Extraction of Vitality
11. OUTRAGE ?Buried Pieces 1984-1986 Demos?
12. Until You Bleed In
13. Coming
14. Deathpond England
15. Cracks Under the Ice
16. At the Mountains of Madness
17. Terminator
18. Horror Night
19. The Rapist
20. Cabalistic Nights
21. SOOTHSAYER ?To Be a Real Terrorist? demo
22. Death Radiation
23. Troops of Hate
24. Kill Oppression
25. Build the Terrrorism
26. Deadly Fear
27. TREBLINKA ?Trials of War? demo
28. Nuclear Hell
29. Wings of Omen
30. Trial of War
31. Assault
32. Treblinka
33. Acid Death
34. VENSOR ?Thrash Till Death 1987? demo
35. Black Cross
36. Bestial Death
37. Haunted House
38. Night Crawlers (instrumental)
39. Sex Maniacs
40. Fuck You
41. Fa-La
42. Alazif
43. Reign of the Antechrist
44. Nuclear Disaster
45. Terminal Breath (instrumental)
46. Hi! Hitler
47. J.A.W.S.
48. VOIVOD ?No Speed Limit ? Iron Gang Fanclub Live Demo?
49. Korgull the Exterminator
50. Ripping Headaches
51. Blower
52. Fuck Off & Die
53. Tornado
54. Iron Gang
55. War & Pain
56. Warriors of Ice
57. Nuclear War
58. Overreaction
59. Helldriver
60. Ravenous Medicine
61. Voivod
62. Thrashing Rage
63. VOOR ?Evil Metal 1985? demo
64. Evil Metal
65. In the Hell
66. No Title
67. Like a Snake

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